Madame Mo Windsock


Madame Mo revisits the mythical Japanese wind socks: the Koinobori. With koinobori, let poetry, art and Japanese delicacy infuse your daily life! Made of organic cotton, koinobori, a real lucky charm for children in Japan, is an unusual decorative object, which, with its shimmering colors, illuminates everyday life. It brings a unique decorative touch to homes, terraces, balconies or gardens. What is the story behind this pretty fish? The koinobori, a windsock in the shape of a carp, is a mythical object in Japan: it is the gift that we offer, as a lucky charm, to little boys, and more and more, to little girls, during the Children's Day (Kodomo No Hi) on May 5.

Made in India • Large Dimensions: 39″ x 14″ (99.1 x 35.6 cm) • Weight: 3.4 oz

Made in India • Small Dimensions: 17.7″ x 6.7″ (45 x 17 cm) • Weight: 1.6 oz 

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