MD Paper - Notebook A4 Goat Leather Cover


A notebook holds things you want to remember, ideas you’ve had and all kinds of other important information. And when you’re entrusting so much to your notebook, you want to take good care of it.

This is a cover only. The notebook pictured is not included.

Note: This cover is for the A4 MD notebook

Enter the MD Notebook Cover.  Goat leather protects your notebook in a subtle way that doesn’t detract from MD Notebook’s style.

The leather used for the goat leather cover is sourced from the highlands in the Central Asian mountains. Smooth and flexible, light and extremely robust, a single layer is used to fit your notebook snugly.

The leather is undyed for a simple look, and the unique character of each piece shines through on the inside of the cover.

A pen holder is attached to the inside of the cover, right at the edge so that it doesn’t create a bump when you write.

To insert a pen, simply pull up the holder and slide it in.

Your MD Notebook Cover will change in character as you use it throughout the years.

Made from tanned leather, it gradually changes in color from beige to a deep amber, so that as the stories in your MD Notebook progress, you have the added enjoyment of watching the cover change with them.

 11.2" x 8.7"

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