Murphy and Daughters - Bath Salt - Grapefruit


Soak sore muscles and soothe dry skin with this sun-dried scrub featuring mineral-rich salt from Australia's Murray River for an uplifting bathing experience. With trace amounts of iodine, magnesium, beta-carotene, and potassium, it helps boost circulation as it gently buffs away dry patches. The result? Smoother, softer skin with a healthy glow. Perfect for a post work out soak as well as enhancing sleep and mood. Sprinkle a tablespoon into a warm bath, lie back and indulge. Fragranced with Grapefruit - an opulent, irresistible and sweetly enticing scent.

Small: 10 oz.

Large: 1 Kilogram

ABOUT:  Growing up surrounded by gum trees on the banks of the Murray River, Sarah Murphy always fantasized that she was Purdey from The New Avengers. Wearing her Mum’s old Italian high heeled boots, Sarah would throw herself from her pony, leap into a tinnie, and row across the Murray, whilst simultaneously firing her brother’s spud gun to avoid all those prospective captors.

Who would have imagined this would lead to the creation of the delicious Bon Bon Soap range? Fast forward a few decades and well yes, that is exactly what Sarah is doing, as well as coming up with a few other precious products all with the same feisty romanticism and ethical ethos behind them.

Having worked as the buyer for the iconic Melbourne home wares store ‘Market Import’ for a number of years, Sarah decided to venture out by herself. Playing with the name of her great grandparents general store in Kerang, entitled Murphy Brothers, Sarah took on the moniker of Murphy & Daughters (she has a couple of gorgeous ones). It is from this general store, that Murphy & Daughters has taken inspiration with a modern interpretation of early Australiana fauna and flora. The first line of products was the instantly successful Bon Bon Soaps. Keeping with the modern interpretation of Australiana, the bright and joyful packaging, combined with the delightful array of scents, has seen this product whisk off the shelves from wherever it has been stocked, whether in Australia, New York, Paris or London.

Murphy & Daughters botanical bath and home product is made in Melbourne, Australia with love and integrity. We source our ingredients sustainably and use ethical work practices. Our hand wrapping and packaging is done at Ability Works. Ability Works employs people with disabilities aiming to empower them with meaningful employment. Murphy & Daughters specialise in making your world look and smell better whilst enriching your soul. Sarah also brings to the table a few eclectic products that have taken her fancy and are difficult to find elsewhere…

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