Peugeot - Migonette Salt & Pepper Mill Set


Silver, short & stout.

Peugeot is nearly synonymous with peppermill. The classic French brand has been making the highest-quality mills since 1840. You’ve likely seen the iconic design in the hands of your favorite TV chefs, on the tables of scads of restaurants, and on the counters of the smartest home cooks you know. Join the legions of Peugeot loyalists and find out for yourself why they’ve achieved cult status.

These mills are replicas of Peugeot’s first model, the Z, engineered in 1874, and are entirely covered in silverplate of the highest quality, giving them a surprising heft. The mill features a patented steel grinding mechanism that can be adjusted to the coarseness of your liking (and is virtually unbreakable!) It guarantees perfectly cracked, fragrant pepper with each twist. The mills are marked with "S" or "P" on the metal cap, so you won't get them mixed up. May we suggest some Black Pepper Popovers?

From the Mignonette Collection. A reissue of Peugeot’s first salt mill produced in 1874, the Mignonnette salt mill features silver plating for a luxe finish with a signature salt-specific mechanism for expert grinding.

  • Classic knob grind
  • Silver-plated zamack
  • Made in France


  • For use with dry salt only on Salt Mill
  • For use with dry peppercorns on Pepper Mill
  • 2”W x 4”H


Peugeot is one of the most iconic French brands with a strong tradition of exceptional quality and innovation. Peugeot Saveurs spice mills appear in home kitchens all over the world as well as on many of the greatest chefs’ tables and the history behind them is extraordinary. In the 19th century, Peugeot began manufacturing saw blades, coffee mills, steel cage crinolines, spice mills for the dining table, penny-farthing bicycles among other things and creativity has always driven the brand to the pinnacle of ingenuity. Over the years, Peugeot has diversified further into even more product categories.

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