STEENS - Raw Manuka Honey - UMF 10+ - Snap Pack


Our pocket-sized Snap Packs mean that you can have a vitality boost, wherever and whenever you need it.  Fantastic when travelling and perfect during the night for niggling coughs.  Simply snap in half, squeeze the honey and let the raw goodness revitalize you.

UMF 10+ (MGO 263+): UMF grading tests for 4 markers in Manuka including NPA and Leptosperin. Our Manuka is independently tested and certified. This honey is also graded Monofloral Manuka honey by NZ Government Export standards


RAW MANUKA HONEY: Unpasteurized and minimally processed to ensure the honey delivered to you is just as nature intended. Raw and untouched.


HOME TO HIVE TRACEABILITY: Follow the trace code on the label to see that each jar of Steens Manuka honey is a genuine New Zealand (NZ) product. Every jar is authentic, and has been sourced fresh by our beekeepers, and packed in non BPA jars at our facility in NZ.


BEE BREAD: A naturally occurring mix of bee pollen in our honey. Our unique filtering keeps this nutritious product in our honey.


PERFECT OCCASIONS: To add as a sweetener for ginger and lemon tea, to take it with apple cider vinegar, to blend into porridge, to use in homemade face wash to exfoliate the skin

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