Reine Mère - TORCHONS 4 SAISONS - Dish Towels


Colorful dish towels made in France that signify the season. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. You will want all four.


 Stéphane Clivier founded the Reine Mère brand in 2006, in the nod of Mother Nature, with the desire to create beautiful everyday objects, useful, poetic, eco-designed and made in France. With a dual training cabinetmaker and designer, he moved to Toulouse where he designed the first iconic objects of the brand and surrounded himself with French manufacturers partners. Reine Mère aims to contribute to the maintenance of regional know-how while limiting its environmental impact. His creations, mainly made of wood, are produced in small series, as close as possible to the premises of the brand. They are grouped around the Art de vivre, Tableware, Souvenir, Stationery, Recreation, Jewelry and Wellness collections. Reine Mother is committed every day to continue to offer a responsible and accessible design, with respect for man and his environment.

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