Traveler's Company - Notebook Refill - Regular Size - Double Sided Stickers


For those moments when you find something special that must be included in your notebook, these handy stickers can be stored inside your Regular Sized TRAVELER'S Notebook for those special occasions. 

Attach these double-sided stickers anywhere you want to adhere images, business cards, or other keepsake tokens.

There are three sheets of 56 stickers each, for a total of 168 stickers. Each sticker is 0.4 x 0.8 inches (1 x 2 cm).


TRAVELER’S COMPANY consists of TRAVELER’S notebook, BRASS PRODUCTS, SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK and other related products. We also own and run the shop TRAVELER’S FACTORY.
TRAVELER’S notebook was released with five different types refill in 2006. A portable Passport Size was released in 2009. BRASS PRODUCTS, and SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK was introduced as part of the company of TRAVELER’S notebook in 2010.
In 2011, TRAVELER’S FACTORY as a basement of TRAVELER’S notebook opened in Nakameguro, Tokyo. TRAVELER’S FACTORY AIRPORT opened in Narita International Airpot in 2014, and TRAVELER’S FACTORY STATION opened at Tokyo Station in 2017, and TRAVELER’S FACTORY KYOTO at ShinPuhKan in Kyoto.
All these products share the theme of traveling that takes place in one’s daily life. In order to pursue and enrich this theme, we changed the brand name from “MIDORI” to “TRAVELER’S COMPANY” in 2015. Through this change and the notebook we make, we would like to propose a journey where one can express themselves freely.

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