WerkShoppe - Jigsaw Puzzle - 1000 Piece


Bedside Manners Abstract At the root, all of my paintings come from a sacral, subconscious energy. The movement in the lines of the form and how they connect with one another stems from a deep, unfulfilled lust. "Bedside Manners" is a fantasy. As are all of my paintings. It is a gentle dichotomy of freedom and restriction. This piece meets the eye with excitement and joy but beneath it all is a yearning for something else.

Carnivalesque Shaman Abstract Shapes An abstract arrangement with cascading translucent rectangles reminiscent of stained glass, hedged in with black and white circus stripes and faux 3-D. Like a seesaw that tilts every which way, it’ll see you through to another dimension.

Colour My World Abstract Inspired by an exploration of mid-century artworks, this piece’s bright, bold are uplifting and energetic. Combining the artists’ almost meditative compulsion with a mid-century inspiration, the abstractly soothing "Colour My World" was born.

Morning Light Woman An intense, vibrant tribute to its subject, "Morning Light" is a painterly tribute to the artist’s inspiring friend. Bursting with color, floral imagery, and layers of patterns, this design blooms and soothes one’s senses as it comes together.

Ruru Owl Our "Ruru Owl Puzzle" with its luminous, piercing eyes, the New Zealand Ruru is one of the region’s favorite and most iconic native birds. Its melancholic call delighted the artist, inspiring a colorful, geometric tribute that evokes its piercing call, ringing across the bay at night.

Spherical Harmonics Geometric Abstract Like a swinging party decorated with paper lanterns, "Spherical Harmonics" is a symphony of shapes and colors. Geometric spheres and lines intersect and move in tune with each other throughout this vibrant, colorful, upbeat piece

Spiral Staircases Gold Foil Abstract As if an M.C. Escher work was set in stained glass, "Spiral Staircases" is a colorful, mesmerizing design that spills out like the inside of a beautiful seashell. With gold foil accenting its repeating multicolored tiles, Spiral Staircase lets you step into another world.

Together We Can Women A celebration of geometric shapes, negative space, and color, "Nothing But Their Names" is a vibrant, buoyant design that celebrates the feminine. The artist names each of her pieces based on the song playing as she paints, letting the music’s energy fuel her work.

This 1000-piece, random cut jigsaw puzzle is 27” W x 20” H when assembled. Made in the U.S.A. with ESKA® 100% recycled board & non-toxic vegetable-based ink.

Made in United States of America


WerkShoppe is a new online gathering place and ecommerce platform where artistic collaborations with emerging and established artists are turned into creative products. We see ourselves first as an Art & Design Community helping people connect with art and with each other. We’re definitely picky about the art we love but we’re not snobby about where to find it. Art brings us so much happiness and we want you to feel that way too. Our first products are beautiful, responsibly-made jigsaw puzzles crafted in the United States, designed to help you press pause, and featuring art by really interesting artists. We love it, we love what we do, and we hope we can share that love with you. Press Pause, Ann Marie + Wayne

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