Wild Cherry Spoon Co. - Rice Paddle


My family has a member with a gluten allergy, so, we eat a lot of rice...tired of box store/cookie cutter spoons, I wanted something with a short handle, wide bowl, yet shallow so I could also use it for scraping too! Something versatile so I wouldn't have to switch utensils. Of course, you do not have to use this only for cooking rice...you could use it for virtually kind of cooking that did not require a deep bowl for scooping. Color is cherry.

About Wild Cherry Spoon co.

We began when artisan Tim McGuire met his wife Molly. Tim was already a woodworker but it wasn't until he started making spoons and serving-ware for his family to use that it really gave his business a soul. Now we carve everything for kitchen+home+lifestyle from ethically harvested urban lumber. Our handcarved items are finished in our signature Spoon Butta olive oil + beeswax blend.

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