ALBERT (Pitbull)

BENNETTSVILLE, SC.....Beautiful 5-year-old Pitbull abused and neglected so severely he can no longer walk but wags his tail with HOPE in his eyes.  How could anyone with a heart not see the pain and suffering this sweet dog has endured.   Could the person that did this not once have a change of heart and turn his Life around.  Everyone has a bad day, but a Life of suffering and cruelty is inexcusable.


Alfred, unfortunately, has had the latter.  He has been in ICU at CVRC in Charleston, SC, for four days fighting to live.   He has so many medical issues that we have had to focus on the immediate ones that will kill him before we correct the others.  He came in, unable to eat.   Ultrasound and x-rays showed he had an obstruction in his intestine.  He was too emaciated to survive the surgery, so we have been working on getting the blockage open without surgery.


For two days, his ICU Team made significant progress.  His bowels were moving, and all the medicated fluids were giving his body what he needed to balance his electrolytes.  Alfred is heartworm positive, and sadly he is having an anaphylactic reaction to the heartworms that have added to how critical he is.  


His intestines have reached a point where his obstruction is not moving any further down.  It appears to be some sort of material.  Starved dogs eat anything to survive.  Our goal this weekend was to stabilize Alfred so he could have surgery.   Today is a significant roadblock since his body needs the obstruction out.  We have every Criticalist involved in his case.  He is scanned daily, and the ICU Team are are his biggest Supporters.


Alfred could have died a long time ago.  He could die right now if he wanted to.  All we are doing is supportive care to stabilize him.  He is not on machines to keep him alive or anything that would cause him to have a poor quality of Life.  This amazing boy wants to be here more than he has ever wanted anything.   He finally has people that want him.  He is Loved beyond his wildest Dreams.   He wags his tail and gives kisses to everyone he meets.


We need everyone to Donate and Pray for this amazing dog.  He cannot die for lack of funds.  I will not have that happen when he is doing his part by fighting as hard as he can.  Animals know when people give up.  When that happens, they give up.  Hope goes out the window.  That is not going to happen to this beautiful Angel.  He held on long enough for us to say YES.  We want you.  Of all the dogs we could have said yes to, you are the one we want.


We are doing everything possible to save Alfred, but we are not enough.  We need everyone, and your friends help with this special boy.  I can't even look at the bills right now because I have to keep moving forward.  He cannot afford for me to pause for one second to doubt my decision.   When I save a dog, I do not put a monetary value on their Life.   I am in 100%, or I do not rescue the dog.  


Today is the day I want to jump up and scream to the World and cry until there are no more tears left.   Why does this keep happening to these poor defenseless animals?   We are becoming a Soulless Society that chooses not to see what is right in front of us.  "Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight," by Albert Sweitzer, is so fitting for our Society.  


Please, Please, Please say a long Prayer for Albert that he does not give up and Donate anything you can afford to help us give him the necessary Medical Care to fight along with him.   I will not give up on Albert, please don't give up on us.

October 06, 2019 by Jennifer Smith