DIXIE (Hound Mix)

NEW BERN, NC......I got a desperate call from the Director of Craven County Animal Services.  She was so upset about the puppy that had just been brought to them that it was all she could do not to cry.   We see more than most when it comes to abused animals, so there is not much that surprises us.    I waited to hear about the pup she had and then said I would help before she even finished.


A Good-Samaritan picked up a 4-month-old, eleven-pound Hound Puppy we are calling Dixie from the side of the road.  He immediately brought to Animal Control since the puppy was critical and needed a lot more medical care than he could supply.   Dixie could not stand and appeared to have been burned all over.   She was starved, burned, and her gums were so white she needed a blood transfusion ASAP.


A plea was sent around for transport to one of our ER Facilities that was either a Level I or II Facility.  The best place was for her to go to CVRC in Charleston.  Within 15 minutes, Dixie was given IV fluids, a small amount of food, and a care package was sent with the transporter so she could stop along the way and give small amounts of food and water.  If Dixie's breathing changed or became labored, she was to go to the nearest hospital, and we would take care of all the expenses. 


We have lost a lot of pups waiting for ER Hospitals closer to the animal to save a pup.  Those that are not equipped cannot save an animal this critical, and the poor pup ends up being put to sleep.  I intended to save Dixie, not just patch her up temporarily.  Five hours later, Katelyn arrived with Dixie, and the ICU Team was working on her within minutes.  Within half an hour, she was getting a Blood Transfusion, and the bulk of her diagnostics had been done.


Volunteers save animals every day of the year by taking action and not questioning the reasons why.   Our sweet Volunteer, Katelyn, that we had never met before knew this was it for Dixie.  It was now or never.   We thank God for Volunteers every second of the Day.   No one could save an animal without them.


While Dixie was given her first Blood Transfusion, the ICU Team was able to evaluate her wounds better.   Dixie has significant burn marks in various stages of healing all over her body.  She also has ash and soot from where she had been burned.   It was as if someone had taken the time to torch her each week.   One area begins to heal, and then she is burned in a different area.   A Housefire would have damaged her lungs, and her wounds would be consistent all over.  


All this adorable puppy wants to do is give lots of kisses and be a puppy.  Dixie does not have a mean bone in her body, and yet someone took the time to starve and torture her.   Her Life up until now was one of pure HELL.  The Evil creature that did this should be put away for a very long time.   There is no punishment strong enough for the kind of Hell this innocent puppy has experienced.


Dixie is going to make a fabulous Family dog once we get her healed.      Please, Donate whatever you can to help us save sweet Dixie.   Her Life of suffering will soon be a distant memory replaced by unconditional Love and Care.   Your generosity makes this possible.

October 14, 2019 by Jennifer Smith