McDuff (Am Bulldog / Boxer)

ANDERSON, SC......Life in Rescue is difficult on a good day when it comes to saving these beautiful animals.  I believe everyone's heart is in the right place, but sometimes, Rescuers lose sight of what the ultimate goal is.  Our Focus is always on getting the best possible care for the animals.   We do not get involved in any DRAMA.  We do not bad mouth other Rescues.  I believe everyone means well, but their passion gets side-tracked.


Poor Droopy (now named McDuff) had some side-tracked participants causing a lot of unnecessary noise that could have gotten him killed.   We were asked to help with McDuff when it was discovered his injuries were far more than the original Rescue could take on by themselves.   After getting all of the facts, I knew we were it for this sweet pup.   He needed to get to a Surgical Orthopedic Hospital where he could get the surgery he needed to survive.  Volunteers stepped up to help with transport, and McDuff was finally where he needed to be.


This beautiful fifteen-month-old American Bulldog / Boxer Mix was hit by a car and left on the side of the road until he was picked up and taken to Animal Control.  The Owner had filed a report saying his dog was missing.  He was contacted to see if the dog that was found was his.  Sadly, it was his dog.  He could not afford surgery and agreed to euthanize McDuff if no one stepped up.   A Rescue in New Jersey was the only one that stepped up to stop the euthanasia.   They contacted us to ask for help, and we were glad they did.


By the time we got this beautiful boy, it had been close to four days.  Both rear legs were shattered in several places.  The swelling from the inflammation had reached a hazardous level for any dog.  Once McDuff was comfortable and stable, the surgeons were able to get good x-rays and manipulate his legs.   If we tried to save both legs, there was a good possibility he could become septic because one leg was like a crushed potato chip.  


Large dogs with massive muscles and tendons have lots of contraction when bones are broken.   The muscles and tendons have to be stretched for the surgery to work.  The Surgeons and Vet Techs have to wrestle with the contracted leg to get it back into alignment.  McDuff was in surgery for most of the afternoon and into the night.  Everyone involved was exhausted but elated when the one leg was finally removed, and the other had been repaired.


The other issue is McDuff has a pneumothorax, which is the presence of air or gas in the cavity between the lungs and the chest wall, causing a collapse of the lungs.   A pneumothorax is usually caused by blunt force drama.  If this does not resolve on its own, we will have to repair the area surgically. He does not have any breathing issues, so we are hopeful it is resolving. An x-ray will be done later today to determine if the lungs are losing air.


McDuff will have to remain in ICU for a long time since he is so big.  He has to be manually lifted and a sling used, so he does not damage the newly repaired leg.   This sweet boy has a lot of Rehab in his future.  Right now, we have to raise funds for his two procedures, and his Hospital stays to give him the best possible outcome.  Please, Donate whatever you can to get this pup well.

October 19, 2019 by Jennifer Smith