GREENVILLE, SC.....We get requests to help abused dogs all day long from over the USA.  There is never a day our e-mail is not full.  The request came in to help two older pups that had lots of medical issues but nothing like what we usually see.   The neglect came from the Owner not supplying essential Medical Care that would prevent the medical problems these two pups have now.


When I first got the e-mail, I looked at the cute pups and went on about my day saving abused dogs.   I knew someone would step up for these tiny dogs.  It was just a matter of time.  They have heart issues, terrible skin, and a host of other problems all that can be addressed.   Misty and Scooter are 10 and 11 years old.  They have been together since they were young.  Misty is mostly blind and deaf, and Scooter has become her eyes and ears to keep her safe.


The plea that went around was asking for Rescue only because of their medical issues.  Their Put to Sleep Date was also put on the plea saying they had to be out by a particular day, or they would be euthanized.  Owner surrenders are the first to go if there are any medical issues.  I did not give the plea another thought until it came around several more times, begging for these two pups.  


I sent a note back saying I would take the two dogs but needed help with transport to CVRC in Charleston, SC.   Still, no one stepped up to help them.   My GUT told me they were going to be euthanized if I did not send one of my Staff to pick them up.   They were picked up on Saturday and taken to the Hospital.


Dogs give us unconditional love only to be discarded when they need us most.     How anyone could have dropped these two helpless pups off to be euthanized is beyond comprehension.  How Heartless can this person be?   The day my Heart does no open for a blind dog, and his buddy that is scheduled to be euthanized is the day I need to get out of Rescue.


Sweet Misty and Scooter are getting their immediate Medical Needs taken care of.   We have scheduled them with Specialists to address their heart issues and Misty's blindness.  These two adorable pups are delightful and would make a wonderful addition to anyone's home that is looking for older pups.  We will be supplying all of their medical needs before they are placed in a loving home to give them the best possible chance of living a long Life with their new Family.


They must be adopted together.  We will not separate them under any circumstances.   They compliment each other in the best possible way.   They are Family, and they will remain Together.   If you think your Heart and home is big enough for this much Love, please fill out our Adoption Application for the pair.  We will have all of their medical issues addressed and a good plan in place for them to be happy and healthy.


Please, Donate toward these two adorable pups so we can get all of their Medical issues taken care of.  We are hopeful, Dr. Cook has a good plan to restore sight to Misty's eyes.  Her appointment is in one week. Dr. Sophy Jesty will be doing their Cardiology work-up.   In the meantime, we get the pleasure of loving on these two beauties.  Thanks for caring and helping us get them well.

November 05, 2019 by Jennifer Smith