ANITA (Chihuahua)

ANDERSON, SC.....Do you ever dread seeing the news or opening your e-mail?  That is where I am right now.   I got a note from Anderson, SC PAWS asking for help with some of their Abused / Neglected Dogs.  I sent a note back saying I would take their worst medical case.  They sent me a couple of pics and then reached out to say there was one that was worse than all the others, and no one wanted to help her.


I agreed to take on an adorable 10-pound chihuahua that was Neurologically impaired.   Sweet Anita was found in the middle of the road walking in circles.   She is around six years old and has had an injury to her left and right eye and rear leg.  I had her taken to CVRC in Charleston, SC.  The ER and I both thought she had possibly been hit by a car. Our Neurologist, Dr. Shomper, was called in to do a thorough evaluation of sweet Anita.


Everyone at the hospital was shocked when the x-rays came through.  Some irresponsible, crazy, deranged person had shot Anita in the head and leg with a 22 Rifle.   She had bullet fragments that were lodged in her brain, neck, and leg.  BB Gun pellets were also found in her body on the x-ray.  To say we were blind-sided is an understatement.  How this tiny pup is alive is beyond comprehension.  She clearly should not be able to function at all, much less be able to even walk in circles.


Dr. Shomper was unable to see exactly where the bullet fragments were, and a Cat Scan had to be done to see exactly where the bullet was lodged.  We would typically do an MRI, but you can't image anything with metal in their body in an MRI so the Cat Scan would have to do.  Our sweet Little Angel has a bullet fragment in her brain, which explains her going in circles and her diminished vision in her right eye.


Anita's neurologic systems were also indicative of an infection.  On top of everything else, this poor pup was heartworm positive and needed to see our Cardiologist before she had any anesthesia for her scans and Spinal Tap.   Dr. Jesty cleared Anita for her procedures. The Spinal Tap came back negative for infection, which encouraged each of us. We now have to weigh the pros and cons of removing the bullet fragments.  One one side of the coin she might improve, but on the other hand, she could get worse.  There is no right answer.


No one had mentioned Anita ever having a seizure prior to us taking her, which was good news.  Unfortunately, she had a massive seizure two days ago, which changed the game plan for this special pup.   Dr. Shomper has started her on seizure meds with the hope this will prevent further seizures.  If the meds do not, we are going to have to re-think Surgery for Anita.


Anita has the sweetest disposition for a dog that has been so abused and neglected.   One thing is for sure; she is a fighter.   How she has survived is a Miracle.   To be in the middle of the road, walking in circles with no way to get to safety is incredibly sad.  Thank the Lord. Someone called to have her picked up.


We need all the funds we can get to help, dear Anita.  Her medical bills are ridiculous because of having to identify the exact position of the bullet and what we can do about it.   Thanks for helping us with this very special pup.

January 24, 2020 by Jennifer Smith