GHOST (Husky Mix)

ANDERSON, SC.....I received a desperate text from our Contact at Anderson County P.A.W.S., begging for help with a Husky Mix that had been shot with a rifle.   I got as much info as they had, and after seeing the pics knew the dog they were calling, Richardson was not going to make it without our help.  Arrangments were made to get this sweet pup (we are now calling GHOST) to CVRC in Charleston, SC.


When Ghost arrived, he was in far worse condition than we had initially thought.   His right rear leg was shattered, and his front right leg had a fractured scapula, which looked like a piece was also broken off with lots of tissue and tendon damage.  The Surgeons and ICU Team had their work cut out for them.  Ghost had bled quite a lot and was now very anemic.    We knew the rear leg could not be saved but could not remove it until the front leg was in better condition since both injuries were on the right side.   He would need his front right leg partially healed to be able to walk as a tripod once the rear leg was removed.


Once the hair was shaved off the front leg, the Surgeons soon realized the wound was so large the area could not be closed.  It would require a  Wound Vac attached, pulling out infected fluid for the tissue to heal. On top of everything else, Ghost bloodwork showed he was not regenerating  Red Blood cells, which was going to be a big problem when it came time to remove his rear leg.


Every day we get calls on dogs being shot with rifles. Ghost was picked up with two other dogs after going after someone's chickens.  He was starved, so I am sure he was doing everything he could to survive.  None of the dogs were microchipped or had any identification but were as sweet as could be to the officers that picked them up.  Ghost was the only dog that was shot. The others got away before harm could come to them.


Ghost is critical and needs to be in ICU while his wounds are healing, and his Medical Team can figure out what is causing his blood not to regenerate.  Please, Donate whatever you can for this beautiful dog so we can continue his care and keep him in the hospital as long as needed to get him well.

February 05, 2020 by Jennifer Smith