BARNEY (Beagle)

BURLINGTON, NC.....Adorable Barney is a five-month-old Beagle that was picked up by Animal Control unable to walk after being hit by a car.  He arrived and was so broken and bloody that we were e-mailed immediately.   We worked on transport and got this sweet pup to the ER / Surgical Hospital in Charleston, SC.


I am not sure if someone aimed at Barney to break most of his legs or he just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, but he is a mess.  His legs and pelvis are all broken.   The saying, he does not have a good leg to stand on, certainly applies here.  The only good leg he has is in the front, but it has been banged and bruised up also.


The Shelter initially thought Barney had a broken back because he would not use his rear legs.  When he attempted to wag his tail, they decided it was probably pelvis and leg breaks which is why we acted so quickly. Poor little Barney was our new Humpity-Dumpity that had to be put back together.


Dr. Rachel Seibert got the short straw on this pup and certainly had her work cut out.   Barney would have to have three surgeries to plate and pin as many bones back together as possible.  Unfortunately, some areas were crushed, and pieces were now missing which was going to make this repair a lot harder than initially anticipated.


Barney had his first surgery, and two plates were put in to repair and put back his pelvis.   He is a young pup and should be able to bounce back.  We will do his other operations in a couple of days once he recovers from this one.  We have no choice but to keep going with this pup, so he has some good legs to stand on while he is improving.


This adorable little beagle will be on the strictest of exercises because he is missing a piece of his pelvis.  Since he is young, that area will eventually fill in, but we have to be extra cautious because it is not as stable as we would have liked.   We are going to be posting for his surgeries as they come up.  For now, we have to raise funds to cover what we have done so we can keep going with this adorable little Ground Sniffer.


Barney is the most easy-going Beagle you will ever meet.  All he wants is to shower you with kisses.  He was in horrific pain and still did not complain.  We want to do right by this little Angel and give him back his Life and ability to walk again.  Please, DONATE whatever you can so we can make that happen.

January 16, 2019 by Jennifer Smith