BOWSER (Boxer / Pitty)

YORK, SC.....It was a rough week for everyone.  We had a necropsy done on dear Cupcake and could not come up with any conclusive reason why she passed after her surgery.    What we do know is that she loved the Life she had with us.  Her Spinal Deformity did not slow her down for one minute.  It was a Miracle she was able to do what she did.   She loved her Life with us and was the happiest dog.   For that, we will be forever grateful.


Life goes in Rescue, and our hearts are always full for the ones that passed too soon.    Sweet Bowser is another beautiful pup that was picked up as a stray with several other dogs.   He appears to have been hit by a car or someone beat on him.   We are not sure what happened to this special boy.  What we do know is he was not going to get a chance at having a long Life if we did not step up for him.  Shelters are full everywhere with healthy beautiful dogs that are being euthanized for no other reason than they are out of room.   An injured dog that has Pitbull in him does not stand a chance.


Bowser has a broken pelvis and extensive damage in his groin.  He can urinate and defecate on his own but is very guarded in the process.  Even with all the injuries Bowser has, he is sweet as can be.   He is a delight to work with and loves every dog he meets.  The sad part is this dog had to have belonged to someone.  He has perfect manners, loves affection and walks beautifully on a leash.  If you have a dog this special, then why don't you have him microchipped or at least have a collar on him.    Or look non-stop until you find this loving dog that once belonged to you.


If one of my dogs were missing, I would never stop looking for him.  I would be the Crazy Lady that has crossed the World several times on foot and would still be calling his name.   If your dog goes missing, call every Vet and Animal Control in the area and send them his picture.  Don't give up because you did not have them microchipped.   Sadly, dogs are euthanized the minute the final holding day is up.  If you do not let the authorities know your dog is missing, they will be gone FOREVER.


Bowser is one of the lucky ones because even though his Family did not come for him, WE DID.   He is part of the Noah's Arks Rescue Family now, and we are the lucky ones.  We get to fix him up and give him back his Life so he can live a long Life surrounded by people that think he is Special.


Bowser was taken to CVETS in Columbia where Dr. Mike Schlicksup did his Surgery.   As you can see from the x-rays, this poor pup was given a mighty blow from something that broke his pelvis and did a lot of damage in his groin area.  Dr. Mike repaired his broken pelvis by doing an FHO (Femoral Head Osteotomy).  


Bowser is on restricted exercise while he heals from his surgery.   He has lots of swelling from the surgery, but that should go down after a couple of weeks.    Dogs that have had extensive bruising and soft tissue damage from blunt force tend to swell more than others that have had an injury that happened while they were running around playing.


Bowser is so sweet and charming to everyone he meets that we should change his name to Mr. Wonderful.    He loves every dog he meets and thinks every person is his new Family, so he lays on the Charm.


We save lots of dogs like Bowser that are hit by a car.   They deserve to be saved just as much as the ones that have been physically tortured and beaten. Being euthanized is the ultimate price they have to pay when no one steps up to help them.   I don't know why these innocent dogs do not have Families looking for them.  What we have found is that 80% of the families know their dog has been injured and because they cannot afford the medical, they abandon them.   That is the worst thing you could do for an injured animal.  Get them to the Vet to be put down but DO NOT abandon an animal to suffer.


Dogs get out when they are not in fenced in yards and accidents happen.  We could not sit back and allow this amazing dog to pay the ultimate price for his misfortune.    Surgeries cost money, and we need your help to stay on top of these bills so we can help more dogs whose Owners have abandoned them to suffer and die in the most inhumane way.   We want to help them all but know that we can't.  Bowser is one of the lucky ones.  Think of all the unlucky ones that are suffering on the side of the road as I am typing this note.   I know, because I get the e-mails and calls every hour of the day, every day.


June 12, 2018 by Jennifer Smith