BRENNAH (Tiny Lab Mix)

DEMOPOLIS, ALABAMA.....There are three things I will remember about August 2018, the Heat, tiny dogs being Kicked, and most of the dogs we took in had Life-Threatening HERNIAS. I would like to think that Animal Abuse is down in this Country but sadly, it is not. The Neglect and sheer Anger toward man's Best Friend have gotten entirely out of control.


Adorable Brennah is a six-month-old, 12 pound Lab Mix with beautiful yellow eyes.  I do not know what she is mixed with, but she is tiny with long legs and emaciated. I was saddened to see how thin she was when we picked her up.  Every bone in her body was showing.   The sweetest dogs appear to be the most neglected.


Brennah was a stray that was picked up after either being kicked or hit by a car.  This time, I am not sure.   She has a broken jaw and a Diaphragmatic Hernia. Poor Brennah was in Respiratory Distress when we got the e-mail begging for help.  She had been brought to a regular Veterinary Clinic, but they could not do any Critical Care Surgery to save her.  She needed a Surgeon, and she needed one NOW.


Volunteers picked Brennah up and drove her to Charlotte, NC where we had Surgeons waiting to look after this adorable Big-Eyed Pup.  Sweet Brennah was put in ICU while they accessed her situation. Her x-rays showed she had blunt force trauma that had caused her organs to be pushed into her Diaphragm.    Her breathing was very labored if she anything other than to lay down.


When Brennah was taken into surgery, they discovered she had been this way for quite a while unable to breathe correctly.  You can see on her x-ray the area that is void of organs because they are in her Diaphragm.


 In the Surgeons report, he said, "There was a significant defect in the right side of the diaphragm through which the entire right side of the liver, the colon, the duodenum and jejunum and the spleen were herniated. The abdominal contents were mostly retracted back into the abdomen, but the right medial liver lobe, right lateral liver lobe and caudate lobe (both processes) had adhesions within the thoracic cavity and to the rim of the hernia that needed to be broken down to allow reduction back into the abdomen. Once all the adhesions were broken down, it could be seen that the defect in the hernia extended to the caval foramen both ventrally and dorsally. The rent in the diaphragm was carefully closed using 2-0 PDS in a simple continuous pattern being careful to close enough of the caval foramen to prevent further herniation but also not close it so much as to impede venous return to the heart."


To make a long story short, if Brennah had not had surgery when she did, her window of getting the organs out of her diaphragm because of the adhesions was closing rapidly. This tiny pup was in horrible shape and had been in distress for quite a while.   Her broken jaw had healed where it was broken and cannot be fixed at this time.  She can eat and open her mouth comfortably.


Brennah's Surgery was complicated and took a toll on her body.  If hernias are new, it is relatively easy to pull the organs out and close the defect.  In this sweet pups case, her organs had to be surgically removed from the chest area which causes excessive swelling afterward and lots of pain.


Sweet Brennah is healing from her procedure.  She is finally comfortable and able to breathe normally.   Please, Help us with the Special Pups Medical bills.  We have our hands beyond full taking care of all the dogs we have at the Rehab Facility and figuring out ways to pay for their Surgeries and ER visits.  Noah's Arks Rescue is Donation based.   Without Donations, we cannot survive, and we cannot take on the Abuse Cases that no one else will.  Please, Donate whatever you can.  If you cannot Donate at this time, share with your friends so they can support these beautiful, innocent pups getting the Medical Care they need.


Last but not least, if you are buying a Gift for a Friend, Shop at where 100% of the profits go toward saving the animals at Noah's Arks Rescue.

August 28, 2018 by Jennifer Smith