COLETTE (Staffy)

HAW RIVER, NC....Beautiful Colette is a 2-year-old Staffy that was hit by a car and taken to Burlington Animal Control.  Sweet Colette could barely stand and was in terrible pain.  A Vet saw her, and it was determined she had bilateral pelvis fractures.   Since this sweet girl was a stray, she had to be held until her owner had time to come and get her.  No one came, and she waited and waited until her Stray Hold was UP.


We all know what that means.  If an animal is injured and suffering, they will be EUTHANIZED if no one has stepped up for them when their hold is up.  In our bones, we knew no one was coming for this beautiful dog.  Colette was skin and bones when she was picked up.  Her Owners were not about to get the dog they cared so little for in the beginning.


The Animal Advocates that were begging for someone to help Colette had sent her info to me several times.  Each time, I had to say the same thing, we were way too full and did not have room for a bigger dog.  These are facts that do not disappear overnight.  The e-mails kept coming until everyone knew what was going to happen next.  It was now or never.   I finally said I would help if a Foster could be found for this pup when she was able to leave the Hospital.


Sweet Colette was transferred to an Orthopedic Hospital to be evaluated and determined what could be done for her shattered pelvis.   The left ilial fracture had to be debrided and a wedge plate put on.  Her right rear leg was broken at the neck of the femur, and an FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy) had to be performed.  We now know why this beautiful pup did not want to stand or put any pressure on her hips because they were shattered.


Colette has a long recovery but should heal beautifully without any further complications.   She was very anemic when she arrived but not enough for us to do a blood transfusion.   We are hopeful with good food her anemia will resolve on its own as she puts weight on.


We have our hands full with major medical abuse cases that no one else would help.   The bills come in Daily since each dog has multiple Vet App't. all throughout the week.  Rehab and Vet App't are constant.   Our little Red Van is in continuous motion picking up and taking animals where they need to go.   Please, Donate toward Colette's Medical bills.  She had two significant procedures that each were very costly.  Your support is the only way we can take care of these Abused Animals.   

September 05, 2018 by Jennifer Smith