CHESSIE (Shih Tzu)

CHAMBLEE, GA......There is nothing sadder to me than seeing an older dog that has been so mistreated and neglected that they are terrified of you and what you might do to them.  Chessie is a 10+-year-old Shih Tzu that was picked up as a stray and brought to Dekalb County Animal Services.   She was matted all over her body and was covered with feces.  We immediately said we would take Chessie when we were contacted.


Chessie was transported to CVRC in Charleston, SC where the ER Staff was waiting for her arrival this past Saturday.  I was going to post for her then but she was such a mess, I decided to wait until we could determine how critical she was and if she would make it. Chessie could not see and or walk when she arrived. She was petrified of everyone and wanted to bite anyone that was near her. After several days, she has settled down and now understands, we are here to help.


Poor Chessie has lived a Life of pure Horror based on her condition. Her eyes do not produce any tears, so they are damaged and scratched.  We are working to restore her sight but it will be a while, and she will have to see Dr. Anne Cook, our Eye Specialist.   Her Pelvis is broken, she has a Right SI luxation, a Left Acetabular Fracture, Left Ischial Fracture, is Anemic and has a Mammary Mass. This is just the beginning of what we have found.


This poor pup looks like someone has beat her up with all of her breaks. We are hopeful she remains stable so we can begin repairing some of her breaks today.  Dr. Chris Gauthier will be scrubbing in to start the process hopefully.  Chessie has so much going on that we have to address the most urgent first and then work our way down as she recovers. We are saying she is 10+ years old, but we do not know based on her condition.   She could easily be younger given the horrific life she has had.


I will never understand the inhumanity I see daily in people getting a dog only to torture and neglect them. Why would anyone do this?  Animals are our greatest Source of unconditional Love. They give and give and give until there is nothing left to offer, and then they die.  The World is full of Givers and Takers, and then there is a different Species that want to harm.  It doesn't matter if you are human or animal, all they care about is inflicting pain and suffering.   


Sadly, this tiny 15-pound pup has lived with one of these abusive people. Her Body and Mind have the scars they have left behind.  Chessie will be in the hospital until she is stable enough to come to our Rehab Facility after her first procedure.  What she needs now, more than ever are Love and Care.  Broken bones are much easier to Heal than a Broken Heart.   We are here to heal their Broken Hearts so they can return to their natural state of Love and Grace.


We love every animal that comes into our care, but the older ones have a very special place in our Hearts. They are Old Souls that have given their entire Life's to love Humans.  To have them abandoned, discarded and neglected the way they are in this Country is beyond comprehension. Sweet Chessie needs us to get her better, and we need your Support to make this possible.  


Please, DONATE whatever you can to give this special pup the Life she has always deserved.  She doesn't realize it now, but her Life is going to change for the better.   Her World as she knew it is gone forever.  She will be so Loved, Adored and Nurtured that she will not want to Die but to Live. Unconditional Love heals a Broken Heart when it is given freely and often.  Love is meant to be given away.  

October 30, 2018 by Jennifer Smith