COLUMBIA, SC......I wish I had better news about a sweet puppy minding her business and playing when suddenly she broke her leg.  It would be sad but tolerable and fixable.   Accidents happen all the time.  Unfortunately, someone took out a rifle and shot sweet Darcy in the shoulder, and shattered it.   


Darcy was found already shot and wounded, unable to walk and whining in pain, in a trailer park in Richland County on Columbia's outskirts.  A rescue in the area was contacted, and she was taken to the Vet, where it was discovered she had been shot with a rifle.   They wanted to save her leg and knew we were her best chance.  


We had Darcy taken to CVRC in Charleston, SC, where several surgeons and the ER Team over-saw her care.  Our objective was to figure out a way to save her leg.   The wound was several weeks old, and the shoulder was full of metal from the bullet.  The main issue was Darcy had been knuckling her foot since she had been picked up.    It appeared she had some radial nerve paralysis and was unable to place her foot correctly.   


Darcy was evaluated and observed for almost a week to see if she had control over her front leg.    Sadly, her leg got worse, not better.  On the day of her surgery, the plan was to see if she had any nerve function, and if she did, repair.   If she did not, they would amputate.  The decision was based solely on what the Surgeon thought would be best for Darcy once he was inside.  


After the procedure, I found out how destroyed the shoulder was, and there was no way they could have repaired.   Bullet fragments were all around the shattered area.   There was no way they could remove them without doing more damage.  Darcy had already compensated by becoming a tripod before the procedure.  We were the ones that hadn't committed to her being a tripod.  


Within a day of her amputation, Darcy was hobbling along like she had been this way all her Life.   Puppies are the most resilient animals.  They take whatever hardship they have and figure out a way to be happy and playful.   Decent Humans are the ones dealing with the horror of what someone did.  If the bullet had been one inch lower, Darcy would not be here, and that would be a tragedy.   


Why anyone would want to hurt an innocent animal, much less a puppy, is beyond comprehension.  Puppies bring joy and happiness into the lives of everyone they meet.  It is impossible not to smile when you are in the presence of one.   The good news is, we get to delight in the beauty and love that Darcy brings to Noah's Arks Rescue.  We choose to focus on the positive and not waste one second on the cruel person who decided to take a Life instead of giving Life.


Please, help us pay for Darcy's Medical Care and Surgery to help more innocent Souls like Darcy survive.   our love and support are greatly appreciated.   Warm hugs and much love from each of us at Noah's Arks Rescue.

October 25, 2020 by Jennifer Smith