BEAUFORT, SC......We see it all at Noah's Arks Rescue and are still shocked at the inhumanity of Mankind when it comes to Man's Best Friend.   Beaufort County contacted us about a puppy that was brought in two weeks ago, that was critical.    She appeared to be an emaciated eighteen-month-old Pitbull that someone had burned all over her fragile body.


The person that brought the puppy in said he went to his cousin's house, and while he was there, a puppy came out that appeared to have been either burned or hit by a car.   According to Beaufort County, the person he visited was not home and has still not been located.   She was rushed to the Vet to stabilize when we were contacted.    The best the Vet can determine is someone poured a caustic substance (such as acid) on the puppy.  Precious Queenie went under the house and stayed until she felt it was safe to come out.   She was skin and bones when she arrived at the hospital and is still under-weight.


When she first arrived, she was scared and in horrific pain.  We had to get her pain under control before someone could evaluate her.   Once she was comfortable, she was taken to CVRC in Charleston, SC.   The ER Team worked on her massive wounds for a week to save as much tissue as possible.  Poor Queenie was a mess, and whatever had happened to her had also destroyed most of the skin on her left rear foot. 


Vets and Surgeons have gone over every possible scenario and have each come to the same conclusion that something caustic was poured on her based on the drip pattern. Queenie does not show any signs of being hit by a car or dragged.  Something appeared to have pooled around her rear foot, where it ate away tissue and exposed bones.  The damage to Queenie's leg was so extensive she had to have her leg amputated.   


I decided to put off posting for Queenie because everyone was so distraught over Nanna's condition. The Human Spirit can only take so much hardship and inhumanity.   I knew posting for this precious Angel would have to wait.  Queenie got non-stop ICU care and is still healing.  She had to lose her leg to save her Life.


These are challenging times with Covid-19 around every corner.  As much as we wish it weren't so, we will be dealing with it and the hardships that follow for a very long time.  I don't believe Queenie is a result of this.  I think she was tortured and abused by a very sadistic, sick person and left to die.  If this had been an accident, the person would have rushed her to the Vet for medical help or been put down.


Queenie also has non-regenerative anemia, likely secondary to hookworms and trauma.   Her specialists believe that will resolve once the wounds have healed and her parasites are gone.  She is well on her way from the day she arrived.   We may never know the truth about what happened to her.  What we do know is what happened after her abuse.  Queenie took her suffering and did everything she could to survive.    She is alive because she fought to be here.  


Please, DONATE to dear Queenie and help us pay her Medical Bills.  I am glad I waited to post for her.  Mentally, it was the right thing to do with everything the World is dealing with.  Be safe and bring Joy to everyone you meet.  Never forget, we are all in this together.   

October 20, 2020 by Jennifer Smith