ELEANOR (Westie Mix)

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA.....We got a plea from Gwinnett County for a desperate-looking Cocker that needed help immediately.   The Shelter texted me back saying the Cocker had a rescue, but they had two pups that were even worse that had to get out ASAP.  The Shelter sent me all of the info, and I agreed to take the two new ones.  One was Walter, and the other was dear Eleanor.   They both had to go to a rescue that could get them immediate medical attention, or they would have to be put down.


Walter, you have already met.  Now meet sweet Eleanor.   This desperately starved pup is listed as being thirteen years old.   She was picked up as a stray by animal control and was impounded.   Dear Eleanor is an older West Highland Terrier Mix that was microchipped with no Owner listed and NO ONE looking for her.


Cases like Eleanor, Bosley, Mr. Furley, and all the others like them break my heart thousand times over.  They give their Life to a Family only to be abandoned and discarded.   These same people, go and purchase a new puppy and repeat the process of abandonment.    Eleanor is a total mess, just like Walter.  We immediately had her taken to CVRC in Charleston, where her Journey to Heal and find Love began.


Sweet Eleanor's fur was matted down to skin & bones.   She was covered in waste and appeared to have been that way for a while.  Someone had cut her ears to make them more Westie looking.   We believe she is a Westie / Maltese Mix.   Eleanor was very quiet when she first arrived but soon began to wag her tail non-stop.


Test after test was done and she was started on fluids.   Eleanor had kidney issues, was anemic and loaded with every parasite you could imagine.   Surprisingly, she was not heartworm positive.    Someone had once loved this special girl.   We never know the histories or the journies they take to get to the point where they are picked up by Animal Control.   All we know is the condition they are in when they arrive at our Hospital.


Eleanor, Walter and all the other pups we rescue should be in someone's home curled up at their feet being loved and adored.   Instead, they are fighting for their Life to Survive.  To say everyone at Noah's Arks Rescue loves these pups is an understatement.   As busy as our Life's are, these animals are our World.  I only hire people that believe in that Philosophy.  The animals always come first, no matter what.


Sweet Eleanor has improved and is loving her Life at Noah's Arks Rescue.   Eleanor had to have kidney stones removed which added to her pain and suffering.   She is recovering from that procedure and putting weight on.  In the beginning, we thought Eleanor was dog aggressive, but that has proven to be wrong.  She loves every person and dog she meets and is happiest with a playmate by her side at all times.


The past is something we will never know.  The Here and Now and their future is our focus.   Unconditional Love and Care for the remainder of their lives is our priority.   Eleanor has lots of bills on top of all the other pups we have.   It seems like we will never catch up because so many animals need us.  It is a good thing I don't have time to worry about the bills or I would be in a desperate place.   All I can do is beg and move on doing what I do best.   Loving each pup as if today was their last day on Earth.  


Celebrate the Gift of Life.  We are the blessed ones that get to love and cherish them.  Your support enables us to take in these lost, abandoned Souls and nurture them back to health.   We are forever grateful for your Love and Support.

September 13, 2019 by Jennifer Smith