Hurricane DORIAN

Hurricane Dorian has left the Lowcountry of South Carolina.  We made a collective decision and decided not to evacuate this time for Dorian.  We have 35 dogs that each have significant medical issues, and over half are Pitbulls.  So many places have Pitbull bans that we were not going to risk anything happening to our pups.   All but one of our Staff decided the safest place for our pups was to hunker down at our Rehab Facility in Okatie, SC.   


We set up large temporary runs in our Training Room and put dogs together that got along so they would be comforted during the storm.  Little ones were paired up in the kennel rooms, so everyone had someone to cuddle.  Those that could not room with a dog because of their recent surgery had a human to cuddle.   Soothing music was turned up to drown out the wind, and Life went on as usual.   The Staff was prepared and had so many provisions; I think they each gained several pounds.  


Preparation for a Hurrican is massive with this many Medical Abuse cases.   We had to prepare for electricity and water being out.  Our Vets in the area had evacuated, and we were not going to be able to get to CVRC in Charleston because of the weather.   We waited and waited for this massive storm to hit us.  When Dorian finally arrived, we had lots of wind and rain and debris thrown around but nothing like the other storms we had gone through.  


The day before the storm was to arrive, sweet Walter had several mini-strokes.   We spoke to our Neurologists, but with the storm, we were not able to get him to the hospital.  We did what the Specialists told us to do, and Walter improved each day.  Walter is not back to normal but is stable.   We are getting him to CVRC so he can be evaluated and treated by his Neurologist.   We were each heart-broken thinking we were going to lose this special boy.   The good news is he improving daily.


Thousands of dollars go into preparing for these storms.   No electricity or internet meant we could not post for donations.  Please, donate whatever you can so we can stay on top of the animals we have and the new ones we took in.   We will be doing updates on the new pups this week and the ones recovering from surgery.


Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Bahamas and the areas that were devastated by this Hurricane.  

September 09, 2019 by Jennifer Smith