I have wonderful news.   Adorable Ella has been free of seizures since the first day we rescued her.  She is growing like a weed and is not showing any signs of Neurologic deficit from her excessive seizure activity before us rescuing her.    When Ella first arrived she would do a little spinning action and then would act like she had been shocked and take off like a bullet.  She has not done that in a about thre weeks which is incredible.


The other incredible news is dear Ella has found her perfect home.   Her Mom works at CVRC and is a Vet. Tech that can deal with any Neurologic issues she might have.  Ella gets to go to work with her new Family and is always around her Neurologist.  Over the next six months, Dr. Shomper will be stabilizing Ella's meds to as low a dose possible to keep her seizure free.  If she is seizure free after six months on the lowest dose, then her seizure medication will be removed entirely.   Given how young Ella is, this would be fantastic news for Ella and her new family.


I am sure the next time we do an update on Ella, she will be big and beautiful.  Beauty is not wasted on this incredible puppy.   She is sweet and loving and has the most extraordinary form for such a young dog.   It is going to be fun watching her blossom into the majestic beauty she is going to be.  Your generosity made it possible for us to save Ella and give her a Life with Seizures.  Thanks for caring and being there for her and us.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

February 07, 2019 by Jennifer Smith