BeBe (Pocket Pitty)

GREENVILLE, SC.......Two-year-old BeBe has got to be one of the sweetest dogs that was terrified of everyone when we first got her.   She was picked up as a stray that appeared to have been hit by a car and was brought to Greenville County Animal Care.  When the initial post went around, it stated she had been laying in her urine and feces.  The staff could not keep her there in that condition so we stepped up knowing she would be put down.


BeBe is an adorable Pocket Pitty with squatty legs.  Her legs are not as bowed as Stitch's legs but very close.  Over-breeding for smaller and smaller pitties is how you end up with legs this short.  Breeders do not care about the medical conditions this type of breeding produces.  They only care about the smaller size.  Poor BeBe has a fractured pelvis and a complete luxation of the left hip.


The best thing for this adorable tiny pit was to give her lots of cage rest for the fractured pelvis to heal and then we did an FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy) of her left hip.  Initially, BeBe had no desire to walk at all.    She was in too much pain and was miserable.  Eventually, her sling walks gave her the confidence her hip was getting stronger.  Once she became stable, we did the FHO Surgery on her left hip.  


Our little bundle of Joy had a rough start after the surgery but soon began to feel better.   It has taken BeBe a long time to get to a place where she felt comfortable walking and even longer time for her to get comfortable with people. She is not aggressive in any manner. If anything she is just the opposite. Once she gets comfortable with you, all she wants to do is lay in your lap and keep looking in your eyes to make sure all is okay.


Why do people scare and hurt so many innocent creatures?  I cannot imagine even raising my voice to this dog and yet she hangs her head down and walks so tentative that you know something horrible and terrifying has happened to her.  Don't buy or Adopt dogs if you are not going to look after them.  Get a stuffed animal you can throw around and beat up daily.  Stop taking out your frustration on the innocent Souls that have no way of defending themselves.


My heart breaks every time BeBe cowers because we love and adore her.   Once she gets comfortable with you, she begins to relax, but it takes a while for that to happen.  On our walks, she is always looking up at you to make sure she is doing everything just right.  It is like she is waiting for you to either hurt or abandon her.   Walking BeBe is a slow process since we stop hundreds of times to give her kisses and hugs which help her relax.  By the end of the walk, all is good with the World for her and us.


BeBe is such a Gentle Soul that the World turned a Blind Eye.  No one cared about her pain and suffering.  All everyone saw was a short Pitbull, and they missed out on the biggest Heart any animal could ever have.  We see all of this beautiful Angel and wish we had thousands just like her to love and cuddle all day long.  Please, Help Us, Help BeBe by Donating toward her Surgery and Rehabilitation.  All the Hugs and Love she needs we are supplying until her special family comes along.

February 06, 2019 by Jennifer Smith