MADGE (Poodle)

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA......How could an innocent, lovable poodle end up in the most horrific unimaginable condition, abandoned and discarded?   Only God knows because I have racked my brain to see how anyone could have allowed this innocent pup to get in the medical condition Madge was found in.


The inhumanity of the suffering this sweet dog has endured is what is happening all around us.    People choose not to see what is right in front of them.  Everyone thinks someone else will deal with the elephant in the room which happens to be a helpless 12-year-old poodle that has a massive inguinal hernia and can barely see.   Most of Madge's organs in the lower part of her body are in a sack outside her body from some horrible blunt force trauma.


Small dogs that do not have any broken bones have usually been kicked when we see hernias like this.  I wish Madge were the first but the reality is we see these all the time.  Small dogs and puppies are kicked, beaten, and stepped on repeatedly until they are either dead or so injured they cower in a corner for fear of another beating.  The saddest reality of all and the reason why dogs are Man's Best Friend is they forgive the Abuser and come out of the corner.   The vicious cycle continues all because they want a pat on the head or to give Love to the offender.


Madge may be old and in horrible shape, but she still loves the warmth and caress of a Stranger.  No one is a Stranger to Madge.  From the moment we rescued her, she would feel her way over to you so she could give you kisses.  Her eyes have been neglected for so long that she only has about 30% sight left.  They have improved since we have been treating them but she will never regain all of her sight.


We did Madge's surgery, and she is recovering from her procedure.  We were impressed by how well she recovered from the anesthesia.    Madge is one of the sweetest dogs we have ever had.   She wants nothing more than to lay in someone's lap or arms and cuddle.   She may be 12, but she acts much younger because of her incredible Spirit.


We will never know what happened to Madge or how she ended up abandoned and alone.  What we do know is this, Madge will NEVER be lonely or want for anything, again.    Dogs are the most resilient animals.  They forgive and forget all the bad and only focus on the good.   That is all Madge is thinking about while she is recovering.


Our sweet Madge would love to have a home she could call her own, where she could lay in someone's lap and give them kisses all day long.   She may only have a couple of years left, but they will be great years because this spirited little Lady loves Life.  Please, reach out to us if you think Madge would be right for your Family.  Let's find Madge a home for the Holidays and forever.


In the meantime, we have to pay for her extensive Surgical procedure and her Eye Care.   Please, Donate whatever you can so we can help more dogs like Madge get the Medical Care they need to Survive and Thrive.  Thanks for caring about Madge and all the other animals in our care.

December 10, 2018 by Jennifer Smith