MARGE (Pittie)

GREENWOOD, SC.......If you want to know what happens to a 4-month-old puppy that is dipped in burnt motor oil, well, these are the good pictures. This poor baby was dropped off at Greenwood Humane Society, covered with motor oil and terribly sick.  Her ears were full of gunk that had been poured in and left. The Owners said she had Demodex, and they had heard burnt motor oil was the cure.  That is an Old Wives Tale that has killed hundreds of puppies.  


Motor Oil is a petroleum product that can cause pain and irritate your dog’s skin further, especially if it’s already raw from scratching and biting. Aside from causing chemical burns, it can lead to your dog getting a bacterial skin infection from all of the open wounds. Worse yet, if your dog laps up the petroleum products on his fur, he could suffer from potentially fatal liver, kidney, and lung damage.


This poor pup is lucky to be alive, given how sick she was when she arrived.  My Staff started calling her The Marge, and now the name has stuck.  We had Marge taken to CVRC in Charleston, where they began the process of determining how much of the motor oil she had ingested and how severely burned she was.  


The other issues are her front forelimbs are deformed.  She can barely walk on them the way they are bowed out to the side.  Surgery will be evaluating her limbs to determine if this is from malnutrition or a birth deformity that will require surgery to correct.   We are hopeful this is from hunger and is something extensive rehab and supplements will correct.  Puppies' legs are prone to becoming ricket-like when they are malnourished and do not get proper exercise to develop appropriately.


One thing is for sure; The Marge is an adorable tiny blue pitbull that is going to be a fabulous pup once she is healed. CVRC has started Marge on special baths and medications to heal her skin and get rid of the mange.  It will be a couple of months before she has recovered from the mange and even longer, depending on what we find with her leg issues.  


Let's give Marge the help she needs to heal by Donating so we can help her recover from her Abuse and Neglect.   Thanks for giving Marge the Gift of Life surrounded by a Medical Staff that thinks she is the saddest case they have seen in a while.

February 20, 2020 by Jennifer Smith