NACHO (Chihuahua Mix)

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA.....Sweet does not even begin to describe this adorable one-year-old Chihuahua Mix.   We wish we knew exactly what Nacho was mixed with because he is the perfect size for a dog that is not too small but robust in statue.


Nacho was picked up by Animal Control and brought to the shelter after he was discovered barely able to walk.   It appears he was probably hit by a vehicle based on his injuries.   This adorable pup had multiple pelvic fractures and needed Orthopedic Surgery to get back his ability to walk normally again.


When Gwinnett County reached out to us, we knew we were it for this little one and immediately said yes.   Nacho was taken to Charleston Veterinary Referral Center to be evaluated and stabilized until he could have surgery. X-Rays were taken that showed he had a Right Ileal body fracture with a Right Acetabular fracture and a Right Pneumothorax with Left Pulmonary contusions.  Poor Nacho had been banged up pretty badly and was still a happy go lucky pup that gave everyone lots of kisses.


You can tell a lot about the personality of a dog by how they act when they are injured.   Nacho was in terrible pain and never once growled or gave anyone reason to think he would bite them.   His stocky little body is probably the reason why he is still alive.   He took a tumble from an automobile, got several fractures and survived with a smile on his face.


Dr. Rachel Seibert was the surgeon that was called in to work on our little Super Pup.  The left SI was luxated but could not be moved under anesthesia and since it was minimally displaced, it was not addressed surgically. A right FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy) was performed.  The right Ilial fracture was shattered into more than two pieces and was reconstructed with a dorsal locking plate bridging the hemipelvis.   Nacho was brought out of anesthesia without any complications.


You would have thought Nacho had never been in an accident if you had not seen his x-rays and the scars on his body from surgery.   He has been on restricted exercise for the past month along with physical therapy to make him use the leg the FHO was done on.  He is a stubborn little pup that would rather carry his leg around than to slow down and use the leg.  The good news is he is finally using the leg and is doing wonderfully.  


Nacho loves everyone he meets and is friends to every dog at Noah's Arks Rescue.   He has the most amazing personality that puts a smile on our face every morning.   Life is Good in Nacho's World.   Our special boy is ready for his new Family.   If you are looking for the perfect addition to your Family, look no further.   Nacho will fit in any household.  


As sweet as Nacho is, we still have to pay his Surgical and ER bills so we can help more pups like Nacho that have been in Vehicular Accidents.   Hundreds of dogs are hit by automobiles daily and never given the chance to live.  Either no one steps up or they sign the dog over to be Euthanized.   Accidents happen all the time.  If you have hit an animal, stop and get them medical care or have them humanely put to sleep.   Don't leave them to suffer alone.  Be their Guardian Angel.


Please, DONATE toward this incredible dog's Medical Bills and Rehab.   He now has the rest of his Life ahead to run and play and be a puppy once again because you cared.

April 23, 2019 by Jennifer Smith