BEAUFORT, SC...There is no excuse for the abuse and neglect we see daily.  We are so inundated with Abused, Tortured Dogs that we don't have time post for them.  We will eventually, but our top priority is getting them the medical care they need.


We had just agreed to help Beaufort County with a poor pup with acid burns all over her when we got another request from Beaufort asking to help a sweet young dog with an embedded collar.  I immediately said there was no way.  I am sorry, but we do not have any room or funds.  In the next second, I said okay and for the dog to be taken to CVRC in Charleston, SC.  


I was in shock when I received the pictures of this two-year-old pup that had a chain with a massive hook on the end that probably weighed more than she does.   I have no earthly idea of how Nanna is alive today.  When you see the pics, you are going to be horrified.  The Human Race is going to Hell in a Hand Basket.   My heart breaks for this innocent Soul.


Why get a dog if you are going to tie the dog up and never check on her to see how she is doing.  Nanna's collar was so embedded that it had cut a ring around her neck almost two inches wide.  Beaufort County Animal Control picked up Nanna as a stray dragging the massive chain with a hook attached.   I have to believe that someone has to know who this sweet dog belongs to.    BCACS is looking for any information to find and convict the person that did this.


Poor Nanna is in ICU being treated.  They are doing diagnostics and talking to the surgeons to see the best for dear Nanna.  As we get more information, we will post it.  For now, we have to raise funds for her medical care.  Please, DONATE whatever you can.

September 26, 2020 by Jennifer Smith