BEAUFORT, SC.....I sometimes think we are the only ones in Beaufort County that helps BCAC with their major medical abuse and neglect cases.   No matter how many we take in, there are always more needing extensive surgery and medical care.  Just about the time I had said NO, we were beyond full, in walks Ace.


Ace is a beautiful six-year-old white German Shephard Mix that had just been hit by a car.   The Owner signed him over BCAC because he could not afford the cost of repairing his broken leg, nor could he afford amputation. I asked all the right questions to see if the Owner was a responsible person on hard times to get the dog back.   The answer was a resounding NO.  Ace had been allowed to run free for far too long, and it was just a matter of time before he was hit by a car.


That day came, and this sweet pup was now in danger of being PTS if no one stepped up to help.   I really do need to learn how to say No and mean it.  This time I did not even say No and just said to get to CVRC where I had three major medical abuse cases on top of Ernie that was draining us dry.  


We are all on hard times in the World we live in with Covid-19, Hurricanes, and Fires.  No one is immune to what is happening all around us.  All we can do is give our all and do the best we can and hope it all turns out okay.  Ace should be in a yard or taken for long walks where this could have never happened.  He should not be suffering because his Owner did not look after him.  These words might appear harsh, but harsh does not compare to the suffering these sweet dogs like Ace, Big River, and Ernie endure.


Once Ace arrived at CVRC, he had some kidney issues that soon resolved with proper care.  His main problem was his broken leg, which needed to be plated.  Ace had to stay in the hospital over the weekend to get stable before he could have his surgery.  Dr. Chris Gauthier was on call to do his procedure, which he said was challenging but ultimately went well.  


Ace is a fabulous dog that loves everyone.  He has not shown any aggression toward other dogs or us when they pass by his kennel.  Once his leg has the staples removed, we will then introduce him to other dogs to play.  Right now, Ace is in the critical healing stage.   If you think Ace would be right for your Family, please fill out our application to be considered.  In the meantime, I am back to begging for funds to pay for Ace's surgery.   Maybe one-day begging will be a distant memory, but it does not look like that will happen any time soon.


Please, Donate toward Ace and all the other Abused Dogs we have taken on.  Our Rehab Facility has 30 dogs all in different levels of healing or part of our Hospice Program.   They are each loved and adored unconditionally.   We are their Family until a new Family is found for them.  Please, Help Us, Help them by DONATING.

September 17, 2020 by Jennifer Smith