River, River, River ...we have gone around and around with Specialists to figure out what happened to dear River and what we could do about his eye.  Cleaning and medicating his eye was a daily ritual that everyone hated, including River.  He was not very nice about the process and for good reason.


I genuinely believe River's growling was because he could not see what was happening around him and his lousy eye distorted everything.   After everyone pretty much gave up on his eye and thought it was best to remove it, I was not convinced.     If there is one thing I am when it comes to our pups, it is stubbornness.  I drive Surgeons and Vets crazy daily because I question everything.    


My gut told me that if we could somehow push his eye out so he could see, he would be a different dog.   My last place to go was to see Dr. Anne Cook, our Eye Specialist (Ophthalmologist).  Dr. Cook did not believe this was Neurological but was from blunt force trauma.  She agreed with me. The eye should be saved. River's eye exam proved he had a functioning eye destroyed by his eyelids inverting.  Dr. Cook could not push the eye out but could remove the eyelids' bulk and create new ones.


This past Friday, Dr. Cook operated on River's eyes, and the results you can see in the top two pictures.   The bottom images are how he was before.   His good eye was almost closed from being sunken.  Each day, River's eye has opened up more and more.  It will continue to improve as it heals.  He no longer minds us cleaning the eye and medicating.    He is an entirely different dog since the surgery.    


Now comes the hard part, paying for his surgical procedure. Please, Donate whatever you can so we can pay off River's bills and focus on finding him a home.  River was skin and bones when we rescued him but is now becoming more massive by the day.  He has to be one of the biggest Rotties I have ever seen.   If you think he would be right for your Family, please reach out to discuss his prospects.

September 14, 2020 by Jennifer Smith