RALFIE (Mini Aussie)

STANFIELD, NC......I am so beyond Backyard Breeders and Puppy Mills that I feel confident there is going to be Prison Time in my future if this does not stop. The abuse, stench, and neglect these innocent puppies endure at the hands of inhumane people have gotten out of control.   Every week is another horror story of innocent Souls begging to be saved.   The saddest fact of all is these pups will wag their tail even in the midst of this horror.


I was contacted by a lovely woman that came upon a Puppy Mill / Backyard Breeder when Volunteering with a Church Group that was delivering food to a Trailer Park in Stanfield, NC.   While there, they observed abused and neglected dogs, some roaming free and others in kennels in filthy conditions.  One pup they named Ralfie was limping and needed medical care.  After several trips to the Trailer Park, they convinced the Owner to sell them Ralphie. He appears to be a two-year-old Mini Aussie that was used for breeding. 


They reported the address to the authorities.  As of yet, nothing has been done to this Breeder.  The ladies that rescued Ralfie began seeing surgeons to see who could fix this poor pups leg.   Money was running low, and sadly the leg was getting worse by the day.  Ralfie has a break in his front leg that is displaced.   His x-rays indicate this is an old injury that Ralfie has been living with for approximately six weeks.


As much as I did not want to get involved, the people that had saved Ralfie were now desperate for someone that could get him taken care of medically.  The had stepped up and rescued Ralfie and also reported the people.   I decided to take the reins from here and get this sweet pup to Dr. Nanfelt at CVS to see if we could save the leg or if needed amputate.  


After a thorough examination, Dr. Nanfelt felt like the leg had calcified in a nonunion position which made the leg deformed.  The leg had to go to get rid of the pain Ralfie would always have if the leg remained.  There was no possibility of re-breaking the leg and putting a plate on.   He was not using the leg and was already a tripod so to speak.   We told Dr. Nanfelt to make the final decision during surgery once she saw the damage.  Ralfie would have to have his leg amputated is what she determined.


This sweet boy is in recovery and should be able to bounce back from this procedure.    Once he has healed, he will be coming to our Rehab Facility to recover.   Ralfie is going to make a fantastic Family Pet for some lucky person.  In the meantime, we have to have funds for his surgery.  Please, Donate whatever you can for this adorable pup.


This weekend was a nightmare.  So many animals were scheduled to be put to sleep that needed emergency medical care that at one point I had to turn my computer off.   Unfortunately, I could not turn my mind off, so I took on four new cases that are each in ICU.  I will be posting for those pups as soon as I get more information about their condition.


Please, do whatever you can to Donate when these e-mails come around.  We did not create this Nightmare.   We were the only ones left for them.    It was either Life or Death.  I chose Life and decided I would figure out the money situation later.   Inhumane people have put us in this situation.   Don't be upset with us because we CARE.  The problem is I cannot in my heart allow an animal to be put down when I know I could help him.     Help Us, Help Them by Donating.

July 30, 2018 by Jennifer Smith