GREENVILLE, SC....There are no words to describe the pain and suffering this five-month-old puppy has endured.    Puppies get Demodex all the time, and they get over it with proper care.  The problem comes when they are severely neglected, and the puppies DO NOT get any medical care.  Their skin becomes infected, and eventually, the animal becomes septic.


The minute the plea went out, we said we would take her.  A wonderful Volunteer agreed to get her to Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Matthews, NC.  We got updates along the way but were not prepared for how desperate this sweet pup actually was.    I had called ahead to CVS so they would be prepared for Lily Beth but even they were shocked at her condition.  I let them know that if her blood pressure came up to continue working with her.


I do not have any specifics as to how she ended up at Greenville County Animal Control.  She came in yesterday and was put on fluids and heat since her body temp was so low.   When she did not improve, the plea went out this morning for a Rescue Organization.  


Someone allowed this sixteen pound, five-month-old puppy to get this sick.  She has been starved almost to Death.  My heart aches for this desperate little Soul.  The ONLY reason why I have approved them to do everything they can for her is that she is fighting as hard as she can to be here.  She could have died a thousand times over.  You have to fight to overcome this neglect, and this little puppy has not given up.  


She is getting a transfusion now along with Life-Saving critical care.  I want to be very clear that we are doing anything to keep her alive.  What we are doing is looking at her bloodwork and vitals and giving her plasma and fluids to get her through this critical time.  She may pass at any moment even with these Life-Saving measures.  The best thing she is getting right now is a loving ER Staff that will be giving her 24-hour care.   She will not pass alone if that should happen.


I apologize for sending around two pleas in one day.  Anything you can do to help dear Lily Beth would be greatly appreciated.  How anyone could allow any creature to get this way is beyond Human.  I know it is a long shot to save her but I am going to give it my all because she deserves nothing less.  

July 18, 2018 by Jennifer Smith