MULLET (Blk. Pitty Puppy)

ANDERSON, SC.....We get lots of requests to help abused neglected dogs.   The ones we take on are usually never going to live unless we step up. The Rescue Coordinator at Anderson County PAWS reached out to us in the early morning hours with a desperate plea for help or a definite NO, and they would not allow this puppy to suffer any longer.


Mullet is an 18-month-old Pitbull that appears to have been hit by a car or was severely beaten by someone.  His pelvis is broken, his rear leg is dislocated, and his back leg is broken.  He literally does not have a leg to stand on because of all the breaks.   We see hit by cars all day long, and if this pup had been hit this hard, I believe he would have more internal injuries.   He was also not picked up on the side of the road, but someone brought him to the Shelter and dumped him in the bushes during the night. 


When the staff arrived, they heard him moaning. The reason why they did not put him down immediately was that he would not stop giving them kisses and wagging his tail.  Mullet had been in excruciating pain all through the night, and all he wanted to do was give kisses.   That is all I needed to hear once I saw his x-rays.  Broken does not even begin to describe how badly mangled this sweet pup is.  


Mullet was going to need at least four major surgeries to get him up and walking again and would require 3-4 surgical plates.  The operations were going to cost close to $4,000 each. I was either in or out with this sweet puppy. I sent x-rays to our Orthopedic Surgeon at CVETS, and Dr. Mike said it was going to be complicated, but he could do it.  Each surgery would have to be staged, and the worst would have to be done first, and then he would work his way until they were all done.  


Weeks of surgery and months of rehab in addition to the cost of all of this made me want to run and hide and act as I had never heard of this puppy.  Lucky for Mullet, that did not happen.  Any animal can shut down and die after enduring unimaginable pain and suffering. The ones that fight to be here are the ones I cannot turn my back on.   This broken Angel hung on until someone got there and wanted nothing but to give kisses.   He did his part, and now we need to do our part and SAVE him.


I had him transported immediately to our Surgeon at CVETS and started to pray he would make it.   On the left side Mullet has a distal femur fracture and acetabular/ilial body fractures.  On the right side, he has a femoral head fracture and an SI luxation.  The first surgery was to repair his shattered pelvis so he would have the support he needed to stand eventually and the second is the femur fracture.


We are going to work our way through the surgeries, but for now, we have to start raising the funds we need to stay on top of all these procedures.  Please, Donate something every time we post for dear Mullet because each surgery is thousands of dollars.   We want to give this adorable pup back his Life.   With your Support, we can do that.

July 18, 2018 by Jennifer Smith