DAISY MAE (Boston Terier Mix)

BENNETTSVILLE, SC......Adorable Daisy Mae is an eight-month-old Boston Terrier Mix that was hit by a car and Abandoned.   She was picked up as a Stray and brought to Marlboro County Animal Shelter.   This poor pup was hit hard, and her pelvis was shattered on one side along with a broken front leg.   She was in terrible pain when we were contacted and could not say no.


Daisy Mae was taken to CVETS in Columbia, SC where she was admitted to the ER to get her stable before she could have surgery.  This small, adorable puppy with the big ears was in so much pain that she did not want anyone touching her or even looking like they were going to touch her or she would bite.   Her biting was from sheer terror and pain after what she had experienced.   So many dogs that have been hit by a car are so stunned by what happened they are afraid to go outside for fear they will be hit again.


Dr. Mike did several hours of surgery on sweet Daisy Mae to repair her poor broken body.    A screw was used to repair her pelvis, and a plate was used to repair the break on the lower part of her leg.  Our sweet, little Angel will be on restricted exercise for almost six weeks while she recovers.


Daisy Mae did not have any identification or a microchip when she was picked up.   She is an adorable young pup that should have someone looking for her.   Every day, I am shocked how people either abandon or discard their dogs like they never were part of their Family.


We have taken in broken pups from all over and done our best to put their Worlds back together.  The one constant that never changes is the animals are always acting like they are waiting for someone.   They look up at doors opening with anticipation their Family members will walk through and take them home.  We eventually become their Family, and they anticipate us, but it is unfortunate we have become such a disposable Society.


Daisy Mae is one of the sweetest pups with the most adorable demeanor.   She walks gingerly and is friendly to every pup that is around her.   She is calm and wants nothing more than to be loved on.   The first day we had her at the Rehab Facility, she did not want even to raise her head.   We cut back her meds to see if that was why she was so lethargic.   Her pain level was back in the normal range, but she was still very lethargic.  


At the beginning stage after surgery, all pups need to get some form of exercise and range of motion.  Little Daisy Mae was resistant for all of the above.  I decided to leave her alone in our Training Room on a big bed and see what she would do by herself.    Once everyone was out of the room, she would get up and walk around.  The minute she would hear someone coming, she would get back on her bed and act like she had never left and was sleeping.  I think she was just fearful anyone touching her would cause her pain.   The good news is she is now getting in our laps and getting lots of loving.


Please, Donate toward Daisy's Medical bills so we can help more unfortunate pups like Daisy get the surgery they need to Survive and Thrive.  Without surgery, these pups are euthanized the minute their Stray Hold is up.

July 12, 2018 by Jennifer Smith