MANNING Parvo Pups

MANNING, SC.....The last time we took on Parvo Pups, it almost broke us.  Well, here we are again on a Holiday, and we are contacted to help more pups that are already dying.  I was sick when I saw the pictures and heard the tears and anguish come through the phone of the person begging for help.   


I got all the information and found out that three of the pups were desperate and would not make it if they did not leave immediately.  Some of the others were showing signs but were not sick with bloody diarrhea.  The Shelter had already started them on meds and Sub-Q fluids.   I broke down and decided I would take the worst ones.   They started looking for, and I started looking for an ER facility that could take on three Parvo Pups that needed quarantine in ICU.


After lots of calls, Carolina Vet. Specialists in Matthews, NC agreed to hold three spots for me for the Parvo Pups.   These desperate Little Angels arrived around 7:30 last night.    All three are highly positive for Parvo and are very sick.  The ER Techs named them Gemma, Jax, and Opie.   They appear to be a mix of Lab, Golden, and Spaniel.  Only time will tell if they live to determine what they indeed are.


A simple vaccine would have prevented all of this.   Greed and Stupidity are the reasons these innocent pups are suffering.  Back-yard breeders only care about one thing...MONEY.    Health and wellness is never part of their breeding program.   The Mother's suffer from over-breeding, and the puppies die and suffer from neglect.    It is the most over-looked Abuse going on in this Country.   


No one appears to be donating during the Holidays.  If you get this e-mail, please, please, please Donate.   Don't discard this because these pups depend on us being able to get the funds so we can get them WELL.  Parvo is Deadly when puppies come in this sick.  It is 24-hour care with someone watching over them the entire time giving fluids and meds.  Right now, two of them are too ill even to eat but are still with us.  The next three days are going to be critical.   If you can't Donate, please send to your friends so they can and say a Prayer these sweet Souls pull through.   Thanks for caring.

July 06, 2018 by Jennifer Smith