ROSE (Blue Pitty)

BEAUFORT, SC.....Beautiful Rose is a one-year-old precious Blue Pocket Pitty that was hit by a car and left for dead in Beaufort County.  This poor pups rear leg was broken near the knee.   There was a free-floating piece of bone that had been shattered.  When Tallulah Trice called from Beaufort County, I knew we were it for this adorable girl.  She had already seen several Vets, and no one could put her back together.  


Rose was in shock and was declining rapidly, so we agreed to have her taken to CVETS in Columbia, SC to be stabilized and then come up with a plan on how to fix her leg.  Amputation is always a possibility but one we do not consider until after we have exhausted every other option that would give her the use of her leg.


Rose was an Owner surrender according to the paperwork which was somewhat confusing.  The person said she showed up in her yard in March.  She feeds her but does not keep her locked up and has not done any vaccinations.  The person said Rose was following a car when another car came from behind and hit her.   She could not afford to get her medical care, so she signed her over to Beaufort County.  The person said Rose was between 3-4 years old, but that is not possible.  If anything, we think she is closer to a year old.


Rose was transported to Dr. Mike Schlicksup at CVETS in Columbia.   It took almost five days to stabilize her in ICU before Dr. Mike could begin her surgical procedures.    No matter how much you think, you know from an x-ray or cat scan, opening a dog up and seeing the damage is the only real way to determine if a shattered bone if fixable.   Once Dr. Mike got in, he soon realized this was not going to be a regular bone repair.   There was a large chunk of bone that was missing.  Rose would need a plate and a fixture to give her the best possible outcome.  


It is never a good phone call when the surgeon has to do so much repair work that they need almost $500. worth of bone grafting material in addition to everything else.   Rose's surgery was long and complicated.   She is going to need months of rehab to make sure she maintains the range of motion in her damaged leg.   Only time will tell if the surgery is a success.   Rose is out of surgery and in recovery.  She has to have a week of Rehab before she can even come to our Rehab facility.   


Rose is a sweet young pup that is lucky to be alive.  We need all the funds we can get to cover all of her procedures and months of Rehab.  Please, Donate whatever you can for this beautiful blue pitbull so we can help more dogs like Rose.  We have done all we can to give her the best possible outcome.  It is now a matter of time and lots of prayers for this dear pup.   Thanks for caring and giving her this chance at a new Life.

July 06, 2018 by Jennifer Smith