RIFF RAFF (Beagle Mix)

HICKORY, NC.......There is broken, and then there is Riff Raff.  This sweet puppy got out of his Family's Home where he was kept in an enclosed area in a Barn and was hit by a car.  The neighbor said she saw him on the side of the road near a ditch when a Truck intentionally went off the road to run over him.


We hear this scenario all too often.  Each time we hear of some crazy person doing this to a defenseless animal, we are in shock.  It is hard for me to imagine anyone finding Joy and Laughter from committing such a horrible act of violence toward an innocent creature.  Riff Raff is an eight-month-old Beagle / Jack Russel Mix that wanted to run around and have fun after being cooped up.  What he got instead was a completely broken body.


His Family brought him to their Vet where it was determined he had several broken legs and other injuries.  The Family could not afford any of the surgeries and opted to have him euthanized.  The Vet had him signed over to them so they could reach out to rescues for help.  No one could afford one of his procedures, much less three with an Orthopedic Specialists.  


If we could not take him, they were going to put him down, so he did not suffer any longer.  I said yes if a Foster could be found and then started the process of finding a Surgeon that could take him. It seems like every orthopedic surgeon in North and South Carolina is booked solid.  I am not sure if there is a shortage of them or if they are doing a lot more surgeries than normal.  We finally found one we had used before in Charlotte, NC and so began the reconstruction of dear Riff Raff.


It appears his rear legs and pelvis were run over.  He probably saw the truck and started to run away when he was struck and run over. The good news is his entire body was not crushed.   Review of radiographs showed a left distal humeral Salter-Harris type I fracture, a right distal femoral Salter-Harris type II fracture, a left mid-shaft comminuted long-oblique fracture, and bilateral sacroiliac luxations.  


Riff Raff is lucky in respect to the fact the accident was seen, and he was immediately taken to a Vet. The injuries were fresh which meant he would get the best possible outcome since the breaks were not old and had calcified. If these injuries had calcified, he would not be able to walk again.   Looking at the x-rays, you can visibly see why he was unable to stand or walk.  His pelvis and his rear legs were a mess.


Surgeries were done, and pins were put in to stabilize each area so it would heal with proper alignment.  Splints were put on to give him support.  Lots of Rehab ahead and this sweet pup will have his Life back.  Riff Raff is a young pup at eight months old.  He has his entire Life ahead to run and play.  We were going to return Riff Raff to his Family, but the Vet did not believe his Life would benefit by going back there since he was left in the barn for too much of his young Life.

This sweet pup has the best personality.  All he wants to do is run and play and crawl up in your lap and give kisses.  He has the personality of a   Beagle and is pure Joy.  He has long legs which make him thin and tall.  He loves every dog he meets and puts up with little ones crawling all over him.  


Riff Raff's surgery bills alone were close to $12,000.  Now a lot of people may think no animal is worth this, but that is not what we do.  We do not put a price tag on an Animal's Life.  We are either in, or we are out.  If we agree to take on an animal, we do whatever is required to get them well.  


The bills are always high, and we still do not stop treatment.  We do not get public funding and solely work on Donations. I beg and beg and beg for these precious pups.  I wish I didn't have to, but that is not the World we live in.  We live in a World where someone from the Human Race thinks it is okay to run off the road to run over a dog out having fun.


A normal compassionate person would pull over to pick up the dog and find out where he lives, so he does not get hit while crossing the road.   My heart aches for all the dogs we never hear about that are in ditches injured and dying.  We can't save them all, but for the dogs, we take on, we do everything in our power to show them unconditional love, and get them the best Medical Care possible.  


The World may be going to Hell in a Handbasket, but our Noah's Arks Rescue Village of Supporters gives us Hope to keep going and to never give in to the Hate we see daily.   We are here because of YOU and the dogs that are still waiting for someone to step up and say, "I Choose You."  They may be Broken, but to us, they are perfect Angels that deserve unconditional Love and Care.  Our Pockets may be empty, but our Hearts are full of Love for these innocent Souls.

September 26, 2018 by Jennifer Smith