FEATHER (Pitbull)

ANDERSON, SC...We got an e-mail begging for help with a beautiful one-year-old Pitbull Mix.   She was picked up as a stray and brought to Anderson County P.A.W.S.    When she arrived she had labored breathing and a hole in the side of her body in the upper chest area.  It looked like she had been shot.  The Shelter did an x-ray and was shocked by what they saw.  This fantastic little Pitty that is as innocent as you could imagine was shot at close range with an ARROW through her chest.


Once I saw the picture and spoke to the Adoption Coordinator and heard it was in her chest and lung area, I knew she had to get help immediately.   Transport was made to get her to our Surgical Specialists at CVRC (Charleston Veterinary Referral Center) in Charleston, SC.   The shelter named her Feather.  


I am sorry but who gets up, goes outside with a bow and arrow, sees a fun-loving puppy and shoots her with an arrow.   The person then pulled out everything but the point.   Who are these CRAZY people that keep doing these horrible acts of abuse to our Family Pets?   If these are kids doing this, who are raising these kids that think this is okay.    My kids and Grandkids would be tarred and feathered, and then I would personally take them to the jail and throw away the key if they ever hurt an animal. 


In my mind, I cannot wrap my head around the animal abuse we are seeing  Daily.  It is reaching levels even I have not witnessed, and I have seen it all.  The other issue that has me so troubled is I know in my gut there are witnesses to this abuse.   Why is no one standing up and defending these innocent Souls?   These animals live next to people that witness the abuse and neglect daily and do NOTHING.  It is a sad day when the bad guys are winning.   


Poor Feather is in ICU with a Team of Surgeons preparing to determine how to remove the arrow point.  The point will corrode, and abscess and must come out.   Feather is having a Cat Scan now as I am typing this so they can determine the least invasive way to remove it.   Once this has been established, a Team of Surgeons will go in and remove the arrow point.   The surgery is going to be long, delicate and complicated because of where the point ended up which is pushing into one of her lung lobes.


We need all of our Noah's Arks Rescue Village to Donate so we can save this precious Pup   A lot of bad things can happen during this procedure which is why we are taking every precaution possible.  Please, keep Feather in your prayers that she survives this procedure.   We will post updates as soon as she is out of Surgery.

September 28, 2018 by Jennifer Smith