SADIE (Yorkie / Dachshund)

MONROE, NC.....We got a desperate call on Sunday to help a sweet Yorkie / Dachshund Mix that had a broken jaw.  It was late Sunday, and the person said the dog would probably be put down if no one could help this little pup.  I had just gotten in from a six-hour drive and could not do any more traveling, so I reached out until I found someone to help with this pup.  I got someone on the road and the long night began to get the pup named Sadie to CVRC in Charleston, SC.


I was sent a picture, and it did look like something was wrong with this sweet pup because her top jaw was pushed so far forward over her bottom teeth.  Sadie arrived at the vet and went back to the ER where they were expecting her.  She was very dehydrated, so they hooked her up to IV fluids and did some bloodwork.   Her values were below average but were not terrible.


Once Sadie was sedated, they inspected what was wrong with her jaw.   Her entire mouth was a mess.  She was not a young dog as the original person thought but is close to eight years old, and most of her teeth are rotten.  What gave everyone the impression she had a broken jaw was she had a plastic ring caught over one of her teeth that was in her gumline.  The ring was preventing her from closing her mouth or chewing correctly.  She also has lots of teeth that are so rotten, that are causing her teeth not to align properly.

Sadie is a sweet loving pup that has not had a good Life.  The Family had contacted the person before about injured animals that needed medical care.  Sadie was not in a dogfight as was first told to us.   The information wasn't correct in that regard but this sweet pup definitely needed medical care.  If we had not stepped up and she was taken to the Shelter, she would have been euthanized based on her age and medical condition.


Sadie is still at CVRC being treated but will be moved to a Vet where she can have her massive Dental Work done.  Sadie will end up losing a lot of teeth that are rotten but will be better in the long run since her mouth appears to be very painful and infected.   

This special pup has the best personality.  All she wants to do is sit in your lap and be loved on.  She does not have a mean bone in her body.  Even during her painful exam, she was sweet and showed no signs of wanting to bite anyone.  I guarantee you that if my teeth were in the shape hers were in, I would not let anyone get within a mile of my mouth.


This special pup is going to be an excellent companion for an older person that wants to take short walks and then sit in a chair and read.   She will be your new Best Friend.   It will take us a couple of weeks to get her mouth surgery done and on the mend.  She will be ready for Adoption once she has healed from her procedures.   If you are interested, please fill out our Adoption Application now to be considered.   Just sending us a note is not the same as an Application.  


Please, Donate toward this special pups ER Visit and her upcoming Surgeries.   Sadie is not our typical Abuse Case, but she is one that was neglected and deserving of Medical Care.   I honestly do not know how anyone could allow a dogs mouth to get in this shape.  Chewing on a stick would have even helped some with the plaque she has.  Thanks for helping us with dear Sadie.


October 02, 2018 by Jennifer Smith