WHISKEY (Tiny Shepherd Mix)

LEXINGTON, SC.......As everyone knows, we are the Last Resort for the pups we take on.  Their e-mails and pleas for help go round and round in everyone's inbox.   Are all the Rescues so tired from all the neglect they no longer look at the e-mails or take the phone calls?  We are each broke from all the cases we take on.  If the Rescue Community doesn't care, then who will?


Concerned Citizens can always step up and offer funds to get an animal the Medical Help they need.  It takes a Village to save one Animal.  Never think that what you have to offer does not matter.   It all matters to an animal that has nothing but HOPE.


Adorable WHISKEY was brought in as a stray to Lexington Animal Services after being hit by a car.   Four days went by, and still, his picture went around begging for help.  I felt sure someone had stepped up for this adorable puppy, and the note was not accurate.  I contacted the Shelter to make sure and was shocked to hear not one person had inquired about rescuing him. Whiskey would have to be put to sleep because he was in pain and was suffering.  


We have more animals at the Rehab Facility than we have ever had.  We are bursting at the seams.   The Staff is over-worked and underpaid based on the level of Care and Compassion they give each of our animals.  Why can we make it happen, when so many others can't.  I don't have the answer.   All I do know is I cannot sit back and do nothing when an animal is suffering knowing I could do something. Anything is better than nothing.  


Sweet Whiskey was picked up and brought to us immediately. No x-rays had been taken, so I knew ahead of time this could be anything.  This adorable pup was brought to CVRC in Charleston where Dr. Jennifer Au was waiting for his arrival.   Everyone could not believe how sweet and adorable he was given the pain he was in.   The x-rays showed he has a left chronic capital physeal (growth-plate) fracture, right chronic acetabular fracture with pubic fractures.


The best option for Whiskey is an FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy) that will remove the head of the femur.  His other injuries will have to wait until he recovers from his FHO Surgery.  All in all, this is one lucky pup. He does not have any head injuries that go hand in hand with hit by cars.  Whiskey will be on cage rest once he has his surgery to allow his pelvis to heal and recover from his FHO.


This adorable pup is only 20 lbs and as sweet as any pup could be. Whiskey is six months old and will not get much bigger.  He appears to be a shepherd/lab mix based on the coloring of his fur and his features.  Adorable beyond belief and loves to give kisses.  Don't wait until he has healed before applying to Adopt him.  Send your application in now to be considered.  E-mails to me do not count.  We have to have an application in hand.


Please, DONATE toward Whiskey's Surgery so we can help more pups like Whiskey with Hope in their Hearts waiting for someone to say, "I choose YOU."  You may be one person, but to an injured animal, you are their Everything.  Don't think someone else is going to help because the chances are; they will not.   

October 18, 2018 by Jennifer Smith