RILEY (Lab/Corgi Mix)

LEXINGTON, NC...Adorable Riley is a 10 year old Lab / Corgi Mix that was picked up as a stray.  He had been in the shelter before they discovered when they scanned him and found a Microchip.  The Owners refused to come and get him and basically said to do whatever they wanted.  They also said he was 13 years old which we find hard to believe.  He doesn't even look 10 but that is what we are putting down.


I am clueless about how people can abandon their pets.   Every dog deserves a home.   When they got Riley he was young.  He now has terrible cauliflower ears from infections that went untreated and is heartworm positive with signs of advanced heartworm disease.   He also has a mass on his prostate and part of his eyelid is mangled from a possible dog fight.


Even with all the medical issues, Riley is fabulous.  He is a short-legged Lab Mix that loves everyone.  His tail never stops wagging.  The minute he sees anyone, he runs up to them and leans in for the big roll-over that says Rub my Belly.  This special pup is fabulous in every way.   He is a delight to be around.  We only had one issue and that was after he was neutered and his growth was removed, he was not happy about his Crown Jewels missing.  If you even looked like you might rub his nether region, he would growl and let you know that area was off base.  


Riley was immediately taken to CVRC in Charleston, SC where he was admitted and all of his tests began.  His ears and Heartworm Disease are his main problems which are quite significant.   This poor pup has suffered most of his life with ear infections based on all the scar tissue he has in his ear canal.   He had to be sedated so they could go in and do a thorough wash and determine what he was growing so they could get rid of it.  Next, he went to see Cardiology where Dr. Jesty worked him up from one end to the other.   His Echo Cardiogram showed mild changes but nothing that can't be resolved with killing the Heartworms.


All of Riley's issues could have been resolved and prevented if his Owners had done basic Medical Care. We are not talking about doing a lot here. Heartworm Preventative, Flea and Tick Medicine, Ear Cleaning and Neutering. A couple of hundred dollars spent on his Wellness Care each year and he would have been set for a while.  Instead, this sweet dog was in danger of being Euthanized because he was now an Owner Surrender that had Medical Issues.


His Medical Bills will be close to $5000. to get him healthy.  He is an unfortunate dog that loved the wrong people.  Does he deserve to DIE because of that?  Absolutely NOT.   Riley is one of the millions of dogs that people discard Daily in this Country.   It makes me sick what is happening all around us to Man's Best Friend.  Why isn't the Human Race becoming Dog's Best Friend?  


When I was walking Riley today, I sat down on the grass with him and had a Heart to Heart.  I asked him point blank what he had done to cause someone to abandon him this way.   He looked at me and curled up in my lap with the sweetest smile you could ever imagine.   We could not come up with a reason for his Neglect and Abuse, other than he was a trusting, loving Dog.  I told him, the people that had him did not deserve such an amazing creature and he was better off without them.  He finally agreed with me and we went on with the rest of our walk.


We get accused of being too strict with our Adoption Process all the time. The people that love their animals the way we do, get it.  The others will not get to adopt from us.  They aren't bad people, they just aren't committed to the Life of the Dog.   We stay in touch with our Families and they love staying in touch with us.  They know if anything should happen to them or they have any hardships that prevent them from taking care of the Family Pet they adopted from us, we are there to help.   We LOVE our Adoptive Families more than you could ever imagine because they will do anything for their beloved animals.  They are their children and would never give them up.   We Partner with our Adoptive Families for Life.


One day soon, Riley will have one of those special Families that will love and cherish him.  I promised him that on our walk and I always live up to my promises when it comes to our pups.   Nothing but the best for these amazing creatures.  Riley's bills are nothing like the Abuse Cases we have seen but thousands of dollars add up when you do it all the time.  Please, Donate toward this Gentle Soul and if you are looking for a laid back pup, Riley is the one for you.  He adores kids and taking long walks.  His upbeat temperament and beautiful smile will inspire anyone to get outside and take a stroll no matter what the weather.   

March 22, 2019 by Jennifer Smith