SUGARBOO (Boxer Puppy Mix)

YORK, SC....We have been working with this tiny little six-week-old pup for a week.  She has been in and out of ICU and is now back in ICU at Charleston Veterinary Referral Center.   We were asked to help her when York County had been taking her to the ER and could not determine what was making her ill.  She regurgitates her food and then it would come out her nose.  The Shelter did lots of tests and also did a barium swallow test that was also inconclusive.


Sugarboo is an adorable Baby Boxer Mix that I thought was going to be an easy fix.   Do all of the tests to rule out medical conditions and follow the ones that come up positive.   Sugarboo would be fine for a couple of days and then she would start sneezing and everything in her sinus cavity would come up in addition to her stomach.  We rushed her back to the ER when this started happening after we had just gotten her out of the hospital.  It was like a Horror Movie.   One minute you are cuddling this fabulous pup and the next, you are covered in the worst mess you could ever imagine.   


When Sugarboo has an attack, she tries everything she can to keep from aspirating all of the fluids.   She has obviously been doing this for a while.  The reason why we rushed her back to the ER and left her there is so she did not aspirate and get pneumonia.  We have had six specialists overseeing her care and they are each stumped.  Originally, it was thought she had a motility issue with moving food through her system.  That was ruled out along with an obstruction.  


We have now narrowed down that she could have an infection or object in her sinus cavity that is causing this in addition to gastritis.    Sadly, this poor pup has been sedated so many times for tests before we even got her that her veins have blown on all of her legs.  We had to go into her jugular to do a line that we can use and hope it remains viable.   Sugarboo is a tiny puppy that we feel terrible about doing this too.   She cannot live this way so we have to figure out what is going on.  


For two days she was very lethargic and then after fluids and being taken care of in ICU she bounced back and was a normal puppy.  That was short-lived and now the cycle of sneezing and regurgitating is back.   Tomorrow they are going to scope her and do a nasal wash to determine if she has something in her sinus cavity or a bad infection that we have not discovered.  Whatever it is, we are not going to stop until we get to the bottom of this.  


Please, Donate toward this amazing pups Medical Care which seems to be non-stop.   Until we figure out what is causing her symptoms, she will have to remain in the hospital to prevent her aspirating and having pneumonia.   Sugarboo has her entire life ahead of her.   She was surrendered with her siblings that are also sneezing but do not have the violent reaction she has.


Sorry for being so behind on doing updates.  In addition to staying on top of Noah's Arks Rescue and Fetch Mkt, I have been fighting the Flu and it has wiped me out.   I promise to get on top of the updates as soon as I am able.   Thanks for helping us with all of our pups.  We have some fabulous ones that are ready for their new homes.   Warm hugs and much love....Jennifer.

March 28, 2019 by Jennifer Smith