EDISTO, SC....It takes a Village to save one abused animal, but it starts with one Good Samaritan determined not to abandon an animal they have found in distress.  Sweet Willow was found near the Edisto River in a swampy area sitting beside a blanket. A Good Samaritan had to take a boat to get her because she was essentially on a swamp island. 


Willow is a six-year-old pitbull that was taken to CVRC in Charleston, SC.  The ER Team believes she had been on the Swamp River Island for several weeks without food or water.  Willow was starved, dehydrated, and Sunburned. Whatever she found to eat could be the very thing that could cause an obstruction.  Drinking brackish water has too much salt in it for her to survive on it.


Willow was scanned, and it was discovered she had a microchip. CVRC contacted the original owner, and she explained Willow had been sold five months ago because she kept getting out of her yard.  The person is on disability and could not take care of Willow, so she sold her.  The woman did not remember who she sold her to.


Willow has been critical in ICU at CVRC for ten days.  After one week, we got a little bit of good news.  Willow had started to eat solid food, and they were able to remove her feeding tube.  Re-Feeding Syndrome is a big concern since Willow went so long without food and water. Not a day goes by this beautiful pup does not shower everyone with kisses and wags her tail.  


Hearts break because we know she has a long way to go to survive.  I have three to four conversations a day with her ICU Team.  One minute I am hopeful, and then two hours later, all hope is shattered.  Willow should have died on her little plot of land in the River Marsh.  Her will to live is the reason she is still alive.  I have never seen a more determined pup want to live more than dear Willow does.


All it takes is for Willow to give up, and she will die.  We are not keeping her alive.  We are supplying medical support based on how her body is responding.  How do you give up on a dog that has hung on for weeks with no food and water?  Giving up on her is not something I am going to do.  As long as she is fighting, I am going to fight with her.  Her Medical Bills are through the roof, and they are the least of my concerns.


All I keep thinking is she is one day closer to overcoming her abuse and neglect.   We are making progress, but her body was so emaciated, even the strongest-willed dog may not make it.  I will not put a dog down that is doing the hard work to be here.   If Willow gives up, she will die.  Nothing I could do would stop that from happening.


As long as she is not suffering, I will fight with her and keep supplying her with 24 / 7 ICU care.  That is what we do.  Once we take on an abused dog, we do whatever it takes to save them.   We do not give up on them at a time when they need us most.  

Please, PRAY for this beautiful Angel and Donate whatever you can so we can give 

Willow the best possible chance of survival.   She needs us now more than ever.  

July 08, 2021 by Jennifer Smith