CAMDEN, SC.....Everyone knows how full we are.  We have been packed for a long time but still manage to take in abused dogs when no one else will.  We are not a Foster based group because of the type of abuse we see and the type of dogs we take.  The animals have to eventually come to our Rehab Facility once they can leave the hospital. We move animals around and relocate to different rooms, but we always manage to find space.


When we got the e-mail about Layla, our hearts went out to how much this special dog had suffered.  Her entire body is covered with tumors.   We agreed to take Layla and put her in our Hospice Program.  Hospice to us is not waiting for a dog to die but putting Life back into a dying dog and giving them hope.


Layla is a Hound Mix that is approximately twelve years old.  She had been living with a homeless man for most of her Life on the street.  Authorities were called when the Homeless man and dear Layla were found sleeping in a person's yard.   It was told to us that the homeowners had sprayed both of them with Round-Up to get them out of their yard.


The Homeless person was doing his best for both he and Layla.  He wanted Layla to get the help she needed, so he asked Animal Control to take her.  My understanding is without Layla to worry about, the authorities could help the person who loved her the most.


I had Layla taken to CVRC in Charleston, SC, where she was immediately taken back to ICU.  The ER Team had never seen a dog with so many tumors on its body.  Layla has hundreds that are on every square inch of her.  Dr. Kerry Rissetto is in charge of her Care.  Layla's tumors are Mast Cells that have metastasized all over her body.  Dr. Rissetto has never seen a dog with so many tumors


Mast cell tumors are one of the most common cancers in dogs. They develop from particular immune system cells called mast cells, which generally treat inflammation and allergic reactions in a dog’s body.  Layla has so many on her body that any injury to any one of these tumors will send off a histamine reaction that could be fatal.


Dr. Rissetto started Layla on Chemotherapy to slow down the growth and knockback her response.  For the past two weeks, she has been doing fantastic, but yesterday, she crashed and is back in ICU because of degranulation.  A mast cell tumor is an abnormal gathering of mast cells that replicate and divide out of control. Small amounts of histamines are helpful. When many mast cells degranulate, it causes adverse effects all over the body, even anaphylaxis.


Degranulation occurs when mast cells are activated and release preformed granules containing histamine, heparin, and proteases.  We are dealing with that crisis right now with Layla.  We know she does not have a long time left, but we are determined to get her through this crisis so she will feel as good as she has been for the last couple of weeks.  


Layla needs all our prayers and any donations you can spare.  We have had her in ICU twice and want to do everything possible to get her feeling better.   Layla has got to be one of the sweetest, most beautiful dogs.  How she has survived is a Miracle.  Please, Help Us, Help her by Donating.

July 02, 2021 by Jennifer Smith