GAFFNEY, SC.....I am a firm believer that it takes a Village of like-minded people to save an Abused Animal.   Animal Control in Cherokee County contacted a rescue in the area about a dog dragging himself around. Unfortunately, no one could capture the dog, which is why Animal Control reached out for help.


Lots of people went in search of this sweet pup in the worst part of town. Unfortunately, only one person in the area wanted to help them find the dog. Finally, after an all-day-long search, dear Oakley was found and caught.  Another Rescue agreed to take Oakley into their care, and he was taken to their Vet.  Sadly, they changed their mind and decided to put their resources elsewhere.


Oakley's poor feet were bloody and worn down to the metatarsal bones from dragging himself around.  He was unable to stand and did not have much feeling in his rear legs.  The original Rescue that offered to take Oakley decided their money was better spent on a healthy dog and decided to euthanize him.  The Rescue that caught him was outraged and reached out to everyone they knew for help to save him one more time.  


I was on a plane when I got the message and, after texting back and forth, decided to reach out to the Vet to see exactly what the prognosis was for Oakley. Unfortunately, Oakley had been shot and had bullet fragments in his spine and around it.  His chance of ever walking was poor, and he would be incontinent.  Our sweet boy is between 2 and 3 years old based on his teeth and is also heartworm positive.


It is one of those scenarios where a building is on fire, and a dog is left inside.  Everyone is running out because they don't think the dog matters with his injuries.  We run in, grab the dog, and race to the Specialists to see what can be done to give Oakley a Life filled with Joy and Happiness.    


We do not see abused dogs as price tags.  We see a dog with a lot of Life left to live and want to give them that chance. Oakley is getting his chance at CVRC in Charleston, SC.  He has been under the surgical team of Dr. Patricia Sura.  Scans and x-rays have been done to see if surgery to remove the bullet fragments would improve his chances of walking.


Unfortunately, he was injured with a firearm, and x-rays show a bullet fragment in his spinal cord between his second and third lumbar vertebrae. The gunshot has left him without movement or sensation in his back legs, and he has sustained wounds on the top of his feet from dragging himself around. The gunshot is an old chronic injury.  


We have many dogs that have been shot and no longer have the use of their rear legs and need to be expressed every couple of hours. These dogs are special needs and can only go to homes that understand their medical needs.  Oakley will be one of those dear pups that will learn to adapt and have a wonderful Life once he has healed from his injuries.


He is getting extensive wound care and cold laser therapy on his feet to accelerate his healing.  It will be several weeks before we know if his feet will require more extensive treatment and possibly surgery. CVRC has an outstanding Physical Therapy Department treating Oakley to see if they can get back any function in his rear legs.  Any therapy is good when it comes to using muscles that would otherwise atrophy.


Oakley is a sweet pup that is scared from all the abuse and neglect he has endured.  The conditions he was rescued from are right out of Deliverance.  I commend each of the individuals that ventured into this unknown area to save Oakley.  It is not an area Animal Control likes to patrol.  We thank everyone that had a hand in saving him.


We have spent thousands of dollars saving Oakley's rear legs that were severely damaged from dragging himself around.   Dr. Sura believes we can save the feet and eventually get dear Oakley in a cart.  Expressing bladder and bowels is just part of dealing with a paralyzed dog that we have come to expect.


Oakley has a long way to go, but his Journey to Heal and find Love has begun.  Please Donate toward this sweet puppy so he can get the medical care he so desperately needs to survive and thrive.  

June 17, 2021 by Jennifer Smith