ZOOEY (Shepherd)

CHARLESTON, SC.....There never is a good time to post a disturbing post about an innocent, tortured puppy. CVRC contacted me on Thursday about a 7-month-old German Shepherd puppy that appeared to have been used as a Bait dog. His right ear was missing, and his left ear was partially torn off. She was covered with bite marks on his face, neck, and front leg. She has swelling from an embedded collar and a fracture in her neck.


A couple brought Zooey into the ER to see if they could put peroxide on the wounds on their dog. When asked what happened to the dog, they said a shipping crate fell on her. When pressed for more detail, the couple fled. CVRC contacted Animal Control to get the couple to sign over the dog. Eventually, Zooey was signed over, but no charges have been filed.  


This poor puppy looks like she was either used as a bait dog or tied up outside and attacked. Either way, the owners allowed this to happen, and when she was injured, they did not seek immediate medical care. It takes a lot to shock the ER Team at CVRC, but this sweet pup did when she arrived. Her ear is gone on the right side of her head, in addition to most of the skin around that area. She has a terrible infection from lack of medical care. It looks like someone tried to cauterize the ear area by burning it. The horror is unimaginable what Zooey has endured.


This case has me so upset because these people have not been charged. What Society do we live in that this is acceptable? Well, it is not acceptable to me. Someone has to pay for the abuse and torture this puppy has endured. On top of everything else, she has a horrible burden of parasites and is anemic from the massive wound and parasites.


Everyone that is working to save dear Zooey is surprised she is alive. These are not new wounds but wounds she has had for over a week. She has been in unimaginable pain from the initial trauma and pain from her injuries becoming infected. It is criminal what this couple has either done to her or allowed to happen while in their care.


Zooey is a sweet innocent Soul that should have been loved and adored. Instead, she has been choked by an embedded collar and left in a vulnerable position where she could not protect herself. She has been ripped to pieces.


I chose to focus on saving her and putting all my attention into getting her the best medical care possible. What looked like a hopeless situation is showing a glimmer of hope. Zooey has extensive wound care several times a day. She has tie-over bandages to allow her ICU Team to remove necrotic tissue and clean the area. The applications will allow the wound to get smaller so it can be closed. The Surgical Team is coming up with a plan as her tissue begins to granulate.


Zooey is one of three critical cases that we took on this past week. As soon as I see the light at the end of the tunnel, I will be posting for those two other pups. Right now, we are in the throws of saving them.


We need donations more now than ever, and we need everyone to be the voice for Zooey. This puppy should not be fighting for her Life. If this was an accident, then why was she not treated? These are massive wounds that have festered for over a week. The people that allowed this to happen should be charged with Animal Cruelty and Abuse. The number for Charleston County Animal Control is (843) 743-7200. 


Be her voice and Donate toward her extensive Medical Care.


I would typically post on Facebook, but this picture would be blocked because it is graphic, so there is no point. Facebook has changed its platform so many times that we cannot even respond to messages. Don't leave us messages on Facebook. Please, communicate directly by using our e-mail, NoahsArksRescue@mac.com.

January 12, 2021 by Jennifer Smith