Effie’s - Biscuits


Oatcakes - Effie's original oatcakes are a fourth generation family recipe with origins in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Crisp, lightly sweetened, with a nutty flavor, oatcakes are a perfect snack any time of day. Each box holds 7.2 oz of delicious biscuits. Ingredients: WHEAT FLOUR, OATS, BUTTER, CANE SUGAR, ORGANIC PALM OIL*, WATER, KOSHER SALT, BAKING SODA.

Almond - Our Almond biscuits bring together the natural sweetness of roasted almonds and a dash of aromatic cardamom. This unique combination of crunchy layers provides a terrific base for a dollop of marmalade or a bite of chocolate, mild cheddar or a creamy blue cheese.Ingredients: INGREDIENTS: WHEAT FLOUR, BUTTER, TURBINADO CANE SUGAR, OATS, ALMONDS, WATER, ALMOND FLOUR (BLANCHED ALMONDS), KOSHER SALT, CARDAMOM, BAKING SODA.

GInger - Few flavors are as bright and distinctive as ginger. Our recipe delivers a bold ginger zing, but tames it with just a touch of sweetness. Ginger biscuits brilliantly complement lemon or orange curd, buttery brie or mascarpone, and make an excellent snack with tea or lemonade. Ingredients:  WHEAT FLOUR, BUTTER, OATS, MOLASSES, CRYSTALLIZED GINGER (GINGER, CANE SUGAR), TURBINADO CANE SUGAR, WATER, KOSHER SALT, GINGER, BAKING SODA, BLACK PEPPER, NUTMEG

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