Bonnie's Jams - Jams


Experience the simplicity of our jams, crafted in small batches from ripe fruit and a hint of sugar. With no added pectin, the true flavors shine through, perfectly complementing artisan cheeses. Welcome to our elegant world of Bonnie.

8.75 oz jar

Cantaloupe Peach with Black Pepper - Cantaloupe, peaches and ground black pepper are the surprising combination in this delicious conserve that works magic with the right cheese. Le Gruyere is a great match, a bit nutty – the conserve brings out every flavor found in this cheese. A Comté melts in your mouth when matched with the Cantaloupe Peach, and the pepper opens flavor that needs to be unlocked.

Peach Clementine - Bright yellow peaches and ripe juicy clementines are a natural combination for brie en croûte - our Peach Clementine tucked on top of a round of brie cheese, wrapped in pastry dough and baked. A grand surprise when served! Or, put a dollop on a cheese board with some Roquefort or Cremont. Also simply perfect with sourdough toast and a cup of tea or coffee.

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